The Fall 2014 Anime Season So Far. [Part 2]


This Fall season taught me that you don´t need to be a cocksure jock or a wishy-washy harem lead to get all the dere babes, instead, you just have to be cocksure Kyoani pretty boy and have a right hand that turns into your genitals every now and then.

The bae.

Title: Amagi Brilliant Park.
Studio: Kyoto Animation (Free!, K-On!!, Full Metal Panic! Fumoffu)
Status: Will watch to the end.

Kyoani is a mixed bag of greatness and well-animated dissapointment. While I have never hated a show produced by them (Kyokai No Kanata was pushing it´s luck, though) Kyoani is still a master of otaku pandering, and have ever since Free! One-upped their fujoshi pandering game, which I appreciate. Still, they´re good in what they try to do, even if it costs them a possible great drama, romance or supernatural story.

Amagi Brilliant Park is one of the few non-original Kyoani works, instead it´s adapted from another light novel by the author of Fullmetal Panic, thus the very annoying Botan. Seriously, he needs a seat.

Amagi Brilliant park is so enjoyable, so charming and so good to the point that it´s kind of silly. Maybe it´s the innocent premise, maybe it´s the comedy, maybe it´s the fact that Kanye West Kanie Seiya exists. GG Amagi, GG.


Title: Akatsuki No Yona – Yona Of The Dawn.
Studio: Studio Pierrot (Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, Bleach)
Status: Will watch to the end.

I don´t know what Pierrot is trying to do, but I´m liking it. No, I don´t like Akatsuki No Yona specifically, I just like how they´re doing new things and not make 60+ episode adaptations. As for Akatsuki No Yona, it´s awright, nothin´ special, really. Sure it´s sweet (sometimes) and the fights look pretty cool, but so far, Akatsuki No Yona just doesn´t seal the deal. It kind of feel like an animated K-drama and I´m expecting Choi Minho to walk in any minute now.

I suppose that this is supposed to some kind of girl power show that will have a shit ending because the manga hasn´t even finished yet. Still, I´ll watch it because it´s – quite – entertaining and as I said, the action is pretty slick even if Yona just stands from afar and shoots some arrows. I ain´t sayin´ that she´s useless, but I´d like to see a show where the girls fights together with the guys, that´d be cool.


Title: Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (2014)
Studio: Ufotable (Kara No Kyoukai, Fate Zero)
Status: Will watch to the end.

Fate Stay Night has been a dissapointment so far. I don´t like how we´ve gone from badass grown-ups who waste no time in angst and (kinda) have their shit together to teenagers. Kinda feels like the warriors are babysitting our lolis, tsunderes and useless shonen. But hey, if the plot and action is good, who cares, right?

Well, the action is definitely ´oh my god´ worthy, Ufotable are masters in their craft, after all, but the story is infodump after infodump, I´d understand if this this were an entirely new series, but most of us have at least seen Fate Zero, and as such we already know everything they´re telling us.

So yes, Fate Stay Night hasn´t been very kind to the pre-existing fans yet and is instead giving an uncomfortable welcome to the newcomers, I can just hope that we get the ball rolling after the hilariously boring episode 2 and the slightly better episode 3.


Title: Gugure! Kokkuri-san – Google it! Kokkuri-san.

Studio: TMS Entertainment (Kamisama Hajimemashita, Aishiterezu Baby, Itazura Na Kiss)

Status: Will watch it to the end (probably)

In between all the agressive, violent and weird shows this season, it´s good to have something cute and funny like Gugure! Kokkuri-san in the mix. At first I didn´t really care, but after episode 2 I realized that I´ve fallen in love with the characters, especially the titular Kokkuri-san.

Still, it gets a bit weird sometimes and I don´t know how I feel about all the pedophile jokes. Well, this show has it´s charm, and if you have a hole left in your Fall 2014 agenda, I recommend you add this one to your list.

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