The Big Winter 2017 Season Moe Moedown.


I watch the kyun kyun so you don’t have to.

Gabriel Dropout

Here’s me trying to convince you all that I don’t bag on moe shows just because they’re moe. I watched and loved K-on too, alright? and look, Gabriel Dropout is pretty ok. With that meaning that I wanted to grab mini satan and stuff her with cookies and milk under my blanket. Isn’t that what moe is supposed to do to you? Regardless, this show is the result of Watamote and K-on having a drunk one night stand and any moe show circa 2006 got it’s spunk in there and claims it’s the real baby father. Meaning, it’s kinda funny if you’re a degenerate.

Verdict: You can do worse than this.

The One  With The Cycling Club

This show has no damn business having backgrounds that look as good as they do. It’s like Makoto Shinkai’s disappointing younger cousin finally got an opportunity to do his best, but the character animators let him down yet again. No, I’m serious, the character designs are by far the most offensive thing I have seen this season after Hand Shakers.

I think it’s about some ditz who can’t ride a bike but still joins the cycling club for some reason. Kinda like how this show has no reason to have gorgeous backgrounds, it’s really funny. I think it’s a metaphor for sex, lesbianism and virginity.

Verdict: Makoto Shinkai will hire the background guy remake Your Name but with bikes.

Kobayashi Dragon Chi

Thicc anime dragon girl is subjected to slavery in modern Japan and this is arguably the best looking frame in the whole 24 minutes of bullshittery. I’m serious, we go from the best backgrounds of the season to the absolute worst.

Verdict: To everyone watching this: do better.

Kemono Friends

I feel like a made a mistake watching this but there’s no turning back now. Watch this twenty four minute long show about how not to anime CGI crossfaded with your friends and film their reactions.

Verdict: Viral videos in the making.

Not Utapri

Nippon studios accidentally rendered Marginal 4 files instead of the seventh season of the highly acclaimed Uta no Prince-sama. Thankfully, nobody noticed the difference and schedule will proceed as planned.

Verdict: chogiwa.


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