Tea Time Without Sugar, The Spring Season & A Lot Of Stress.


You know those days where you feel like all your senses have been blocked by a thick wall, the words won´t flow and time feels like an otherwordly concept? For me, this past week has consisted of (mostly) these kind of days  – and I´m not  being emo, even though the fact that I´m listening to Bring Me The Horizon right now might suggest otherwise, but, really, I´m probably just not eating or sleeping right. But hey, right now I have a cup of tea, a ton of work waiting for me, a spring season coming up and a lot of snazzy sassy stuff I want to talk about.

For some reason, the previous personal post I did a while ago got some attention, which surprised me a lot. But hey, I´m happy that there are a few people who care enough to open the post and decide it bores them, or not.

Y´see, despite the whole emotional blocked nose, I wrote down a few rules of life to, I don´t know, make each day a bit easier, I guess, the first rule of the list is “If you´re not gonna work on it, don´t stress about it” and the fifth is “Nobody is going to be more critical of you than yourself, chill out” I have been working on both of these, and to be real, I felt 60% more energetic after establishing these rules of mine, in any case, if you ever feel down, I suggest you make your own list of friendly reminders, it really helps.

So, apart from the god awful grades that are waiting for me this semester (I got a 2 in French and History, this has never happened before, literally) this week I´m also going to my home country for a few days to check out the university I´m going to next year and if I don´t suffer a mental and nervous breakdown, I might give them my portofolio for them to review.

Actually, I lied, thanks to the afromentioned crappy exams and my half-hearted studying of them, I couldn´t work up a portofolio, but I have my excuse of a sketchbook, at least it´s something.

Speaking of reviewing, the Winter season is coming to a close, huh? I can´t say I´ll miss it, apart from Death Parade, Shirobako and the stuff that´s either coming back or continuing in the Spring season, everything else has been cracking apart. Literally everything. Tokyo Ghoul, Saekano, Akatsuki No Yona, Aldnoah, Binan Koukou, even Parasyte.

So yeah, only 5 shows I´m seriously enjoying, and 2 of them are ending this month; but hey, the next season is looking much better, I´ll get the Spring preview up soon but I suggest y´all try out Ore Monogatari, it´s great.

Have I talked about Cromartie Highschool yet? I don´t think I have. I watched it a good while back, and I gotta say it´s pretty dang funny, if you like stupid comedy. I know I do.

I also watched Aku No Hana, which is now in my top 10 all time anime because it´s a masterpiece on every step of the way, and Kamisama No Nichibyo, which a friend of mine suggest I check out, I won´t thank her for it, because aside from the pretty boy daddy, the anime was utter shit.

As for the manga spectrum, I´m reading a lot, though the most relevant are Aku No Hana and this one yuri manga whose name I forgot. All I know is that it was pretty ok, but incredibly original, a lá philosophia.

Anyways, my cup has got nothing but sugar in it now, so I´ll close this post, and since it´s 21:39, I might study a bit of french. If you´ve come this far, thank you for reading.



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