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Word has it that the BD discs come with tickets straight to jail. Super Lovers made me uncomfortable in the kind of way that Black Bullet made me rant on Twitter about it, except that Super Lovers actually had (some kind of) potential if it were re-named to Super Brothers, or something. Really, this is getting a second season?


Ren is a somewhat detached and strange boy adopted by Haru’s mother – Haru, upon spending a summer in his home country Canada and warming up to Ren, develops an unlikely brotherly affection for the younger – years later they are reunited.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to defend yaoi as a genre and not have others see me as a virgin masturbating to barely consesual sex, and really, the Dookyusei subs are taking too long for me to use it as some type of reference used as a shield – on a better note, Dookyusei slayed the sales charts and from what I know, Super Lovers slayed a little less, but still did well enough for a second season nonetheless.

So – Super Lovers, it’s exactly nothing you have never seen before, and exactly nothing to trump over what you think yaoi is – perverted, strange and unrealistic. Don’t watch it unless you’re a fanatic, I say, but even for me it was extremely hard to watch.

Super Lovers starts out cute, as I’ve already mentioned, and reminds me of Barakamon in a way mostly because of the setting in the first episode and the family-feel it has, you know, before we realize that we are watching Super Lovers and that the big brother is going to be fucking his little brother in the upcoming episodes. It’s lit, really.


I mean, the actual sex never actually comes (hah) just like with all anime ever, but we get pretty damn close. For example, the scene where the older brother gives him a handjob and another brother walks in and finds it funny or something – that would’ve been the pill to complete my overdose for me to kill myself.

And that’s my biggest problem with this show. It seems so normal that Haru is attracted to Ren and while I should definitely not look into yaoi anime for any smart commentary, it borders being woefully disgusting, innapropriate and fetishizing.

I’ve said it a hundred times before, I’ll say it a hundred times again. Yaoi can be good just like every other genre, it’s just a shame that the studios pick all the rotten tomatoes from the pack (which apparently sell more than the others) – making the anime look bad and the manga covered under piles of dirt.

It’s all a fantasy. I get that. They don’t actually fuck until Ren is old enough – I know, my IRL friend told me a million times over. But that doesn’t stop the fact that Super Lovers doesn’t come close to the toes of the manga that tell a romance story that’s told as that: A romance story. And not a story of two guys fucking.

Because why have a story between two grown-ass men if you can be creepy and have a little kid in the mix too, right? what about a little dependance, that’s the salt of the yaoi genre, right? Oh, what about actual adults that don’t think this is weird? Yup, we’ve got it, boys, go fuck your fourteen year old totally not related by blood brother now ! And girls, it’s totally normal for you to be fantasizing about this little dependant kid getting taken advantage of by his older brother !

I just know people are going to come after me saying shit like “if you don’t like it, don’t watch it!” Alright Mrs.Junjou Romantica, I like the genre just as much as you do, which is why this pisses me off like it does, if I didn’t care for the state of it you can bet your ass I wouldn’t give it the time of day. And you, Mrs.Papa to Kiss in the Dark Wasn’t Creepy Or Anything, I would not bitch about it if it had this same age gap and dependance factor if it actually took itself seriously and treated it like Lolita by Vladimir Nobakov did, now, that would be a respectable piece of fiction.

All in all, it’s shit. People who know they’re gonna like it will like it, everyone else will just frown. If you liked this you should probably watch Papa to kiss in the Dark and Junjou Romantica, they both made me just as uncomfortable.

As for anything else – generic. Character designs are typical and animation nothing special, the music so unmemorable it would have the same effect if it wasn’t there at all, in the first place.


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  1. So the ended up fucking, then? I didn’t think they were going to go that way, but I should have known better. Then again this is the first yaoi anime I tried to watch in something like 10 years, back when the characters didn’t need to be weirdly underage.

    It didn’t work out. It just went through the usual drama paces and I got bored so I dropped it a few episodes in.

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    • They didn exactly fuck lmao, but it came pretty close and enough to be disturbing

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