Super Lovers Episode 1 Thoughts – From the Creators Of Attack on Titan.

And by that I mean that DEENs inaccurately massive proportions and anatomy is back, but no one really cares because we won´t ever get to see animated dicks, anyway. In other words, I´m pretty sure I saw this scene in the 1995 Kids movie or an educational consent video once, and that´s hard to say.

Since all anime studios and manga publishers feel the incessant need to only adapt the creepiest and the least consensual series there are, I didn´t expect anything from Super Lovers. Not really. Mostly because it has a name of a Super Junior song which triggers me. Also because I read the manga and was turned off by it.

In any case, the episode starts out normally enough, or as normal as normal in shonen ai shows go, and our main man Haru is visiting his family and, without knowing he is going to be banging his non-blood-related brother in a few years, he meets Ren, an adopted kid who´s very emo and has very big eyes, channeling me when I have final exams.

Apart from the opening which is the most unneccessarily dramatic thing I have ever seen in my entire life, the entire episode would be pretty cute if we didn´t know that they´re going to be sharing different kinds of bedtime stories in the next few episodes. Without that information, this could be a cute tale of brothers. Instead it´s about a 16 year old wanting to get in his 24 year olds brothers pants. The worst part of all of this is that the same people who bitch about lolis are eating this right off the floor, and probably licking the rest of it, too.

And that´s pretty much my thoughts on this episode. Awkwardly okay but perpetually frowning because we all know that this is going straight down to the what-the-fuck lane. I heard the BD disks come with an exclusive trip to jail, too.

The worst part of all of it is actually that we´re so deprived from shonen-ai in general that we´ll take whatever is thrown at us, so I can bitch all I want but you all know I´ll still watch all of it. Seriously, there are so many good, self-respecting yaoi manga like Seven Days and Blue Sky Complex that won´t ever get the time of day. Dookyusei is our only hope. Anyways. Whatever. Stay degenerate. I´ll keep on watching this.


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Super Lovers Episode 1 Thoughts - From the Creators Of Attack on Titan., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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