Sunday Manga Recommendations: Did Anyone Say Yuri?

88Judging by my content, one could easily think that I don’t like the Yuri genre. That person couldn’t be more wrong.

I ship all the ships, man, but is it hard for me to find a decent yuri manga that goes beyond the all-girls-school-where-everyone-is-gay-for-the-senpai setting, featuring archetypes rather than characters.

Now, I might sound hypocritical saying that all yuri is the same when I myself am a huge yaoi fan (And boy, does yaoi have some ridiculous clichés), but what better compliment can a writer get than proving someone wrong about the genre you’ve written about?

Well, here is Citrus, and unfortunately Saboru Uta has done nothing to prove me wrong.

Citrus tells the tale of two not-blood-related sisters and their relationship that varies from sisterhood to love and back, it also spends alot of time dicking around.

Look, I really, really love the yuri genre. When it’s done right.

Citrus though, takes all the possible clichés and puts them in a mixed bag of lesbianism and melodrama. Oh she kissed her, oh, better freak the fuck out. And everything parts from there, the entire manga feels mighty unnatural, the exception being when Yuzu decides to be a sister rather than lover. That is literally it.

So what’s the deal with this? The pretty art? The wish-fulfilling situations? Well, uh, maybe. It’s definitely pretty, but what’s the point of that when I feel like sending my computer screen flying everytime these dumbass characters talk? They put Nisekoi to shame, really.

90  +”I want to know you, Tomo-san.”  -“But I don’t want you to know me.”

These are the words of Philosophia, a gorgeous addition to the yuri genre. See, Citrus, you don’t have to give in to everyone’s fantasies to be good.

Similar to Non Tea Room (A Yaoi I talked about two weeks ago) Philosophia feels down to earth and natural, the characters feel oddly realistic and everything moves smoothly. Philosophia is Amano Shuninta at her best and, boy, is it done masterfully, yes, masterfully. It’s that good.

Citrus is overrated. It’s like the SAO of the yuri genre. Wish-fullfilling, attractive and especially ridiculous. If you have the stomach for that kind of thing; go right ahead.

If on the other hand you just want to sit back with a cuppa’ coffee and read a love story between two mature women that don’t think with their hormones, Philosophia and everything done by the godess Amano Shuninta herself will suit your taste. Cheers.


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