Summer 2015 Anime Season: So Who Is Best Girl?


You know your blog has gone to shit when you have to cater to horny monster girl fanboys to get views, but hey, I´ll deal with it. All other world sports championships and whitewashed award ceremonies pale in comparison to the most important battle of them all – just exactly what girl is best girl in this wet and moist Summer season? it´s not an easy decision, in fact I felt dirtier than I initially planned to feel after looking at approximately 20 different NSFW pictures of the Prison School cast whipping men and shoving three and a half burgers down their throats while sweating down to their thighs. I´m not sure if this was worth sacrificing my studying time and future for, but hey, now I can name at least 5 more sub genres of the hentai spectrum. Cheers.

Ui Wakana from Okusama ga Seito Kaichou


Ui Wakana might actually be the perfect waifu — she has nice thighs and is down with cosplay, but if you want to enjoy her bossoms you´re also gonna have to agree to join the billionth season of 16 and pregnant, because that´s exactly what she´s up for. Tell me, will you do it? is it worth it?

Shirayuki from Akagami no Shirayuki hime


The cinnamon roll award of the season definitely goes to Shirayuki from the less shit version of Akatsuki no Yona. Just kidding. The shows have nothing to do with eachother. Just the hair. Shirayuki is damn adorable, and not in the annoying sticky sweet way like the entire cast of Gakkou Gurashi, she´s cool and assertive but she´s as bland as they come. Basically, she´s a less shit version of Yona, is what I´m saying. Plus from personal experience, red haired girls tend to get freaky real fast, take that as you will.

The Entire Cast of Prison School


I don´t fucks with girls from private all girls schools, one of my better friends in town comes from one and she would corner us basic public school rats every Friday and drag us to her house where she would dump us in her parents bedroom and watch porn channels for no good God damn reason. She dropped out now and I´m not surprised. One way or another, the Prison School girls are on here because we barely ever (more like never) see characters like them. They´re mean and mad sexy for the humble masochists, unfortunately I would rather be them than get squashed by their thighs.

Shiragami from Jitsu wa Watashi wa


Is it a coincidence the two top cinnamon rolls of the season have similar names? I think I actually prefer this Shiragami over that Shirayuki, because this cinnamon roll at least has some filling. If she ever gets a hug pillow, I ´d like to think people would buy it to genuinely hug it rather than do the unspeakable in their mothers bedroom with it. One way or another, Shiragami the vampire is the true MVP.

The Entire Cast  of Monster Musume


Again, I´m just not risking the angry mob of monster girl fetishits. I haven´t even seen the damn series because my life is a bit too busy for that right now. But, eh, I guess they have tentancles and feathers and tails. You can do a lot with those.

Kajou from A World Where The Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn´t Exist


I want Kajou to be the new poster girl for anime. Fuck Haruhi Suzumiya and that blue haired girl from Lucky Star, because inmature dirty jokes is where it´s at. I have nothing more to add. I was totally going to include Anna before she went mental (See: Horny as fuck) but thankfully we now know what horny girls with zero sex education do. Hang a vibrator around your neck, squirt on the face of the guy you like without consent, just fucking hump a table, nobody know what you´re doing anyways — this would get reported a million times over if it were a guy raping the girl as a fun gag. Whatever man, whatever.

Kobayashi from Ranpo Kitan; Game of Laplace


Wait…wait, what do you mean she doesn´t count? oh, oh shit. Oh alright. Fuck. Oh well.


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