Summer 2015 Anime Season: So Who Is Best Boy?


This blog is all about equality, so if I´m going to offend people by objectifying sad and vulnerable 2D girls, best believe I´m going to do my best to offend people over objectifying sad and vulnerable 2D boys – While looking for the grace, sadism and beauty in women is never a difficult task for me, I feel like judging pretty boys is what I do best. I´m absolute Kpop trash, after all, and most of them look like real, living breathing anime characters – I think I´ve been on that side of Tumblr for long enough to not sound like a miserable (but always respectable) fangirl. More like a cynical and depressed twat. Which is exactly what I am. Let´s get started.

Zen from Shirayuki no Hime

I could make an awful period joke, but I wont.

Even as a cynical twat, I won´t pretend I don´t fall for the charms of the princely characters of the world. Zen is refreshing, he´s refreshing because he´s a shoujo romantic interest and is not an inherent douche who frowns a lot and scoffs a lot and calls the girl a moron, an idiot, ugly or any variation of those three words every 5 minutes. In fact these two might actually be the most disgustingly perfect couple of the entire season, there is nothing problematic about their relationship. Tumblr probably loves this shit.

Takeo and Makoto from Ore Monogatari


Speaking of setting the bar too high, Takeo and Makoto have topped it up a notch – not as a romance but as a bromance. Though it could be romantic and I’d still be happy. Sure the show is great and the romance is fluffy and adorable and the characters don’t actually have bricks for brains, but Takeo and Makoto are literally the bros of the season, the last season and possibly the entire year. Definitely the best bros in any shoujo, period. I want to be their friend, but at the same time I don´t want to interfere in their friendship. Plus I´m basically Makoto minus the good grade part and my friends don´t bother with wrappers when they kiss me. I don´t think that’s is normal.

Izaya Orihara from Durarara!!


I´m just happy that it´s 2015 and I can add Izaya to a list and still be relevant -Izaya and Shizuo take me back to my innocent anime shipping days, and also remind of the time where I first tried alcohol. It was one of my friends birthday but me and my actual bestfriend were at my house being lazy and watching Durarara!!, until the afromentioned friend forced us to come with her. I was mad surprised, but that day I ended up drinking just one glass of vodka mixed with something else and I felt so fucking weird. I was way too young and I’ll probably regret sharing this story with the internet. Izaya is trouble even outside of his anime.

Nick and Worick from Gangsta


They are basically the gangster version of Takeo and Makoto, meaning their relationship is precious and beautiful, this one has another layer though, which is blood and murder and underwhelming animation. I wouldn’t mind if the show spontaneously turned into a bloody murder shoujo anime with Alex as the heroine and either of these guys as the love interest. Or they could be in a polyamorous relationship. Or at least that’s how it works out in the fanfics.

The entire cast of Pillow Boys


Do you think I´m joking? I´m not joking. This show is revolutionary.


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