Summer 2014 Anime Season: So Who Is Best Girl?

Yes except no.

In all honesty, the Summer season has a refreshing lack of female ‘characters’ that are there just to show off their racks. Honestly, I started this seasonal thing as a joke, but now I’m seriously wondering if I should include characters that the fanbase loves to look at or characters that I think have a bit more dimension than your average Akama Ga Kill girl.

Whatever I guess, since Akame Ga Kill is the very picture I’ve used here I have already lost all blogger credibility. I’m so sorry:

These are in no particular order so please bare with me.

1. Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill. 


This one goes for all my Esdeath fanboys and bondage lovers alike, ya’ know, the edgy kids who’s dream girl is Yuno Gasai and secretly crave their life-sized Asuna pillow.

Our snowqueen Esdeath over ‘ere has just made her debut two episodes ago showing off her dominatrix boots and crazy laugh, one episode later and Akame Ga Kirukirukiru~  makes fans think that, yes, I can tame this cold bishoujo hur hur hur!, because that’s how stuff works. Too bad she’ll probably fall in love with Shonen 101 and his inspirational monologues about nakama and the shonen lifestyle.

2. Beast from Kuroshitsuji: Book Of Circus.


Beast is the only tsundere I’ll ever care for.  Not only is her character design drop-dead gorgeous, but her position in the story actually makes sense. Also. That sex scene tho.

3. Kashima Yuu from Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun.


The girls behind her basically represents the female audience to this show. Boy did Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun have me fooled with their previews portraying Kashima as some hot, prince-character bishonen.

Well, I mean, it’s not that far from the truth, and her character is more laugther than gush but still, Kashima deserves some spotlight.

4. The Entire Sailor Moon Crew from Sailor Moon Crystal.


Long legs and short skirts, the Sailor Moon cast -especially Venus and Mars – have always made me feel a little gay since childhood and I was lovin’ it. Granted the Sailor Moon Crystal animators have collectively forgotten how to draw basic expressions which leaves them to look like barbie dolls rather than, well, the real Sailor Moon, I still think their concept is great. By now it’s pretty obvious that I’m running out of girls here.

5. Naru from Barakamon.

306I’m so sorry.


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