Summer 2015 Anime Season: So Who Is Best Girl?


This “segment” of the blog started out as a joke way back when I had nothing better to do and decided to take the sarcastic seasonal “best girl” Twitter battles one step further into an actual post – not-so-surprisingly, they hit off pretty well, and more surprisingly, people actually took my snarky comments seriously. One way or another, it´s been exactly a year since I´ve done the last best girl of the season ragtag battle, but I feel like now´s the appropiate time to jump back on the fanboy train.

1. Hestia from Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?


It´d be criminal to talk about best girls and not mention Hestia – she´s basically the reason I brought this segment back from the dead in the first place. Anyways, Hestia is a love to behold for both the horny males and girls in touch with their motherly side, she´s not annoying, either, and DanMachi would pretty much loose all its worth if it weren´t for her. A few weeks ago we had to do an essay on Greek gods, one of them being Hestia, this might´ve spoiled the entire anime for me.

2. Isla from Plastic Memories


Plastic Memories is an anime that breeds borderline autistic girls for all your autistic-girl-who-cant-do-shit-by-herself needs, come at me, Tumblr.

In all seriousness, Isla is exactly like Shiro from Sakurasou, or better yet, Isla is exactly like every other ditzy flat-chested white-haired anime girl in every anime ever, but she´s also stupidly cute and she has the feel-bad factor, which is why she´s on this list – and also because all other female characters this season are even worse.

3. Yuuta from Punchline!


I mean,technically, she is a girl, a girl who gets nosebleeds which destroy the world everytime she sees panties, which is a totally relatable first world problem.

4. Yamato from Ore Monogatari


If you say that you wouldn´t fall head over heels in love with a girl like Yamato in real life, you´re either lying or have a severe dominatrix fetish that´ll haunt you to never have a normal relationship with anyone but a nipple pierced dom. – or you just don´t like angels, because Yamato sure as hell has all the attributes of a godly angel from the heavens, I need a Yamato in my life and I´m a cripplingly depressed and lonely nerd. I´m sorry mom.

4. The Girls From Shokugeki no Soma If You Have Shit Taste.


5. Shinoa from Owari no Seraph


I´m a massive hypocrite, I´ll admit that – so despite hating cookie-cutter characters (which 8/8 these characters are) I actually really like Shinoa in a non ironic kind of way, well, she and Kumiko from Hibike Euphonium are definitely my personal best girls of the season, I just like sarcasm.

6. Kumiko and Kousaka from Hibike Euphonium


Unfortunately or maybe fortunately this fantastically gay couple comes as two for the price of one, the sole reason being that chips just don´t taste as good without the salt – which is exactly what this duo is. They´re basically the honest female version of the Rinharu ship from Free!, snark, angst and gay moments under the stars included. This anime. It´s great.

10. Nagisa from Assassination Classroom





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