Subjectively-Objective Reviews #44: Ore Monogatari.


Ore Monogatari turned all heads on its premiere – in a genre so saturated with melodrama and clichés filled with problematic relationships, it´s not hard to see why. Ore Monogatari promised something so fluffy you´ll leave with cavities, something so uncliché it´ll feel like a long awaited warm shower. The fans of the source material only sang praises so, after 24 weeks of hand holding, cheek kisses, bromance and fluff, is Ore Monogatari really the savior the shoujo genre desired so much?


Gouda Takeo is the gorilla like support character we´ve all seen before – while his bestfriend is a certified pretty boy who has girls dropping on their knees no matter where he goes, Takeo has long since accepted his role as the supportive bystander hoping for his own romance. One day, however, he ends up saving a girl in the train from being molested, shockingly, the girl doesn´t look scared of him at all. What will this mean for Takeo?

Word on the street (or more like word on the forums and that one friend in the group who´s a sucker for romance) is that Ore Monogatari breaks all shoujo clichés I think it has proved its worth on the very first handful of episodes, because damn it, Ore Monogatari is not your average shoujo.

That is not to say it´s not tirelessly fluffy, frustratingly pink and overly innocent Ore Monogatari is definitely not the badass realistic school romance with lots of alcohol and ex girlfriends sucking your bestfriends dick I´d like to see, but it´s far from the annoying melodramatic angsty flicks we´ve gotten used to over the years, because neither Takeo or Sunakawa are tragic characters who are mean for no reason and Yamato´s sole purpose of existing is not her boyfriend. Plus Sunakawa is total bro material.

To be blunt, I do think Ore Monogatari is one of the best shoujo out there, probably the best we´ll see in a long time and to make it even more obvious, yes, I fucking loved every second of it.

So if you like shoujo, you´ll love Ore Monogatari. If you like shoujo but are sick of its repetitive characters and stories, you´ll gobble this up. If you like proper romance, this might not be the thing you´re looking for, but you might be surprised.

If anything, I can´t imagine anyone outright hating this show. Its main romance is painfully innocent, but they still do a lot more much quicker and less self important than most shoujos the way some relationships are handled (shoutout to the Sunakawa episodes) are shockingly cold and outrageous for the average romcom, because the girl simply doesn´t get dumped in your average romcom, but she does in Ore Monogatari.

I could go on like this forever, because Ore Monogatari, over its 24 episode run, has surprised me at least once every other episode, and when it´s not breaking the rules of shoujo, it´s so fluffy and adorable and fun I just can´t find anything to complain about.

MADHOUSE was spoton with this show, the aesthetic is pastel and everything it should be the actual animation good enough, nothing to complain about with a nice added touch of random text bubbles, staying true to the manga. I love them and wish they´d do more shoujo in the future. All in all, I will definitely miss this show and everything it stands for. Au revoir, Ore Monogatari.

Tl;dR: A treat to all people sick of melodramatic shoujo, a loveletter to love. 9/10.


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #44: Ore Monogatari., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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