Subjectively-Objective Reviews #42: A World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn´t Exist.


If Prison School is the raunchiest anime of the year, then Shimoneta might aswell be the most educational anime of the year. I´m one hundred percent serious. On the surface it might be an anime with a lot of sex jokes, and, to be honest, it´s that too, but somewhere between the implied masturbating, sex toys and gay doujinshi of your classmates hides a story of a possible future where censorship is taken to the next level and where the future knows nothing about common health. I´m not crazy. I promise.


It has been sixteen years since the gouverment has approved of a law that bans all course language in the country of Japan. In a world where sex terrorists have become a thing, student Tanukichi Okuma vowes to become pure and enrolls in the number one moral school to get closer to his idol Anna. On the way there, Okuma gets entangled with Ayame Kajou, number one dirty joke lover and the founder of SOX. Will Okuma chose his pure love or indulge in his love for porn magazines and sex jokes?

I think Shimoneta has a really neat message – sex is nothing to be ashamed of, and its really just a confusing sense of morality that prevents us from openly talking about it, thus leading to ignorance on the topic and thus leading to not knowing what to do when things get whack.

In this dystopian like future, the youth doesn´t even know how babies are made, which gives them an unhealthy innocence, potential to catastrophe. But I´ll get into that in some other in-depth post.

While Shimoneta might be more than meets the eye, truth is that, above all, Shimoneta is a sex comedy with a lot of crude jokes and innuendos, mixed with the typical anime antics of having the main male lead scream around asking himself how he ended up in that situation.

Personally, I say we substitute Haruhi Suzumiya for Ayame Kajou as the anime poster girl, because Haruhi is way dated by now and Ayame is just as iconic and much more likeable.

Shimoneta jokes about rape, yaoi and includes a scene where a girl has a vibrator around her neck and ends up squirting all over the guy she likes. It´s really fucking rude, energetic and obviously not for the cynical people who can´t keep up with it.

Therefore, if you´re looking for a smart comedy, first of all this season must´ve been hell for you, secondly, this anime is not for you. If you´re looking for something immature that might be something more beyond its dirty surface, you´ll find something to love in Shimoneta. I´ll definitely miss this show.

Tl;dr: Did not expect to love this show as much as I do. Dark horse of the season. Comedy taking the piss out of yaoi is my favourite. 8/10. Love it.


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #42: A World Where The Concept Of Dirty Jokes Doesn´t Exist., 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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