Subjectively-Objective Reviews #41: Prison School.


Prison School is a lot of things. One thing it´s not is subtle. One thing it definitely is is ridiculous – if sex makes you uncomfortable or if you´re literally twelve, this show is something you wouldn´t want to touch with a damn selfie stick. If you´re fed up with your standard, dry and boring ecchi comedies and wishing for something new while still having the tits and thighs, well my friend, Prison School is definitely for you, because it stomps on the tropes with knocker heels. This is not the anime you want to watch with your mom.


Somewhere in Tokyo, an elite all girls school has recently turned co–ed, it´s a wet dream come true for the five boys who made the cut, or at least, that´s what it seemed when they planned their escapades to peep on the girls. Little do they know of their fate in literal prison.

Prison School is the most high profile anime of the season – it´s anime about weird fetishes, literally shitting your pants, the gayest bromance in anime history, sweating thighs and your father with a shelf dedicated to pictures of asses around the world. It´s as crude and rude as it sounds, it´s fucking brilliant.

Anime is weak. It´s shocking to outsiders, but when you´re facing the same recycled harem comedies season after season, it´s a bit dishertening and loses the strangeness it initially has, you´re sick of the imoutos and perfect wives, you start to crave something that breaks it all down. Prison School is here to do that.

There are no tropes, man, just angry women and masochist boys and a lot of highheels, there are moments where I had to squint at the screen because I couldn´t believe I´m watching a show where a guy called André is begging a dominatrix like girl to please let him lick the dirt off her boots. I can´t say it enough, but it´s fucking brilliant.

Then again, it´s probably not for everyone. In fact I wouldn´t be at all shocked if people, especially people newer to anime, would be turned off by it. It´s a peculiar series with a gigantic fanbase and people who just don´t get it – it´s perfectly understandable, and if over the top sex jokes aren´t your thing, then Prison School is just brainless.

However, I would not fault J.C Staff for anything, God damnit, I was skeptical when I heard they were adapting this and, God damnit, I was salty to realize it´s not Madhouse, because this is basically made for them. Colour me shocked, I think they did an amazing job.

Obviously they couldn´t capture the detail of the gobsmackingly gorgeous manga, but they did it justice. If anything, they made it their thing and stood on their own opposed to the original. If you liked the anime though, I definitely recommend you also read the manga for the extra punch.

All in all, I can only hope for a second season, because I loved every second of this show, it´s crazy, over the top and fuck, it´ll be a long time for an anime to get as raunchy as Prison School. I´ll miss it.

Tl;dR: It´s raunchy, it´s over the top and ridiculous. If you don´t think sex jokes are funny, skip it, if you are open to something new, watch it. 8.9/10, personal favourite of the season.


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #41: Prison School., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  1. it’s not produced by Production I.G., it’s produced by J.C staff. Get your facts straight soldier.

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    • Oh shit, I didn´t notice even after double checking the post, thanks though.

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