Subjectively-Objective Reviews #36: Plastic Memories.


Plastic Memories is probably the most misleading and cockteasing anime I´ve seen in a good while – with the first anime promising tears and depression, just to end up  giving us a cliché rom-com like any other cliché rom-com, except this one is about a robot and a human, unfortunately the slick artstyle couldn´t save it from itself though, and Plastic Memories ends up falling in the bottom of the barrel real quick when we compare the beginning to the end, what it is and what it could have been.


After miserably failing his college entry exams, Tsukasa is offered a position at the SAI corporation – the SAI corporation is the leading business in Giftia, a series of robots with human emotions which help the people. Tsukasa´s job is to recover the Giftias that are close to their expiration, for this job, he has to work with Isla, a dorky female Giftia who has no real job experience.

Plastic Memories first episode was good. Nothing we haven´t seen before, but it was good in the same sense that Angel Beats, Clannad, Kannon and every other Key work ever  are good – it gave you feels and that´s all a drama anime needs to be, in my opinion. The problem with Plastic Memories is everything thereafter, and how it dug our heads in the sand letting us know that it could have been a tearjerker, but they just didn´t feel like doing that, instead giving us a boring romance that we have seen a million times before instead.

Plastic Memories might just be the definition of lost potential, and honestly, I might have enjoyed it more if it didn´t have the first episode at all if they were going to go a completely different route anyways – I say this because with every episode, I was expecting more drama, and again, and again, until it was evident it was just never going to happen, not even in the finale.

Without the first episode Plastic Memories might´ve been a dorky cliché story that some people might enjoy and that´s it, however, now Plastic Memories is a dorky cliché story with a damn good first episode and the entire series goes to shit by comparison – it isn´t awful, it´s just the biggest dissapointment of the year thus far, maybe.


So apart from the pretty neat artstyle, Plastic Memories really has nothing going for it; unless you´re really, really hungry for more anime romance (a.k.a the touched eachothers hands once) which I don´t know why anyone would be, but hey, whatever floats your boat.

Would I recommend this anime? no, just watch some Key anime instead, and if you´ve seen those already, suffer with me for more manipulative tearjerkers, someday, my friend, someday our time will come.

Final Verdict: 4. Not offensively terrible, not good by any means. Just depressingly mediocre with a decent first episode. Re-watch Angel Beats instead.


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #36: Plastic Memories., 3.0 out of 5 based on 6 ratings
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