Subjectively-Objective Reviews #35: Owari no Seraph.


Looking back, nothing much really happened in Owari no Seraph, it´s a pretty formulaic show with a lot of intense shipping fuel, but apart from the frustrating lack of kisses and me being confused over what the target audience of this show really is, it´s also the one anime that was consistently fun. Owari no Seraph is Attack on Titan minus the action, plus vampires.


Once upon a time, Earth was plagued by a deadly virus which quickly killed off ever human over the age of 13. With this, vampires appeared to enslave the surviving children, but as time progressed a group of vampire killers have appeared to restore the world to how it was. Enter Yuuichirou, an orphan who lives to kill all of the vampires after his family was murdered in cold blood by them.

Owari no Seraph certainly wins the generic award, but I don´t get why people shit all over this show when about 80% of every other anime this season is just as repetitive. Anime is all the same, guys, let´s just accept that move on with the fact that WIT Studio tried to ride the Attack on Titan fame out almost two years after it ended – that´s okay, because a studio has got to do what is has got to do to survive in the hard knock anime world.

I, personally, enjoyed this show to hell and back. It´s nothing new, we´ve seen it all before, the characters are cookie cutter but I´d be damned if I didn´t love every single second of it, with that, it´s number 3 in my seasonal ranking, for no more reason than how fun it was, even if nothing really happened.

Call it popcorn flick or mindless entertainment, I initially didn´t expect it to be either, in fact, I expected to hate it, but when you queerbait the show and add metrosexual vampires and sexual tension to the mix, I´m in. I´m so so in.

So, objectively this show is so, so average it hurts, but subjectively, this is one of the shows that made the Spring season worth a while, up there with killers like Ore Monogatari and Hibike Euphonium, if you want to watch something that´s not too smart but entertaining nevertheless and also takes you back to your easy-to-please anime days, Owari no Seraph might be the show for you.

Final Verdict: A solid 7 based on nothing more but my own personal enjoyment and love for pretty boys and banger openings. Season 2 hype, hype, hype.


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #35: Owari no Seraph., 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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