Subjectively-Objective Reviews #33: Shirobako.


Ever been interested in the anime industry and how things go down between the pens and paper? ever wanted to see a reverse Bakuman with girls and anime instead of manga? Ever wanted to see P.A Works do a show that isn´t kicked down with painful teenage melodrama and love polygons? See here Shirobako, easily the most beloved anime of the season, though with its competition of half-baked action shows and terrible light novel adaptations, it wasn´t a hard game to win.


Aoi will never forget how she felt the day her highschool animation club completed their labour of love on the school festival – and so, they promised over donuts that they´ll continue the path of animation and one day create their own professional feature. Years later, the girls walk their own paths – but still meet up at least once a week – as they learn that the animation industry is both a rosy and thorny path to walk.

Shirobako, like most P.A Works anime nowadays starrs a handsome group of young pretty girls with their (not so) different quirks, the difference? they´re hard earning working adults that live with crippling debts and addictions.

Okay. Not the crippling debts and addiction. Though if a season 2 comes I´ll be anticipating alcoholist Zuka crying over her failed voice actor career, but hey, in season one, they´re working to make their 2D dream come true; make the anime of their dreams, together.


Unfortunately for them, it wasn´t as easy as getting out of highschool, gather a couple of million yen and do all the work – instead the girls are walking their different paths with different motivations and different troubles, while still having contact with eachother and some even working together on the same project.

The greatness of Shirobako stems from its positivity, which might not hook you on the first few episodes, but sweeps you off your feet and waltzes with you on the runaway of production with the stress, the nerds, the anxiety and all the different personalities included, it show us the how and the why without making it feel like it´s too much, and instead makes you want to buckle up and be a part of it too.

Besides that, I have called Shirobako a love-letter to anime fans and animation fans in general, because it celebrates the thing that brings us all together; a bunch of cartoons that for some are just weird, and are the source of escapism and enjoyement for others.

Shirobako, again, just makes you fall in love with it, with its characters that aren´t that far from the reality of actual people in the actual animation business (we´re all weird) so yeah, instead of going on about it and analyzing the show to the T, I suggest you watch Shirobako instead, and get sucked up in the positivity of this show and everything it stands for.

Final Verdict: 9. A treat to anime fans. Outstanding optimism and a love letter to the industry. Season 2 hype incoming. AOTS with Death Parade.


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #33: Shirobako., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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