Subjectively-Objective Reviews #32: Death Parade.


Death Parade plays the cards of a few plotlines we´ve heard before in every medium, and turns them around into a show where we´re shown every corner of the human mind, nah, unlike Parasyte – the other Madhouse work of the season –, Death Parade knows there´s more to life than hypocrisy and hurt, and so we take the lift to the afterlife to discover the most unexpected things, but is it good?


Quinn Decim is a bar with a slightly different twist; the drinks are better than usual and the games are a matter of life and death between souls where they are judged, this has going on forever, until one day a girl appears who knows she´s dead, unable to judge her, Decim extends her time of judgement and together they learn that humans aren´t black and white. Welcome to Quinn Decim.

So, Death Parade. Just like its Anime Mirai predecessor Death Billiards is a pretty damn good show, easily my favourite of the entire season standing loud and proud next to Shirobako, and to be honest, I´m kind of shocked shows like this actually get the time of day.

Because really, Death Parade doesn´t aim to cater to gory-loving fanboys, panty-dropping fujoshis or anything in between, but instead aims to impress the lovers of fiction, and boy, did they succeed.

As I´ve said, Death Parade isn´t overly dark to the point it´s just annoying, of course it shows us misery and inequality – as it´s part of our lives, after all – but it also shows us the bittersweet, the fond memories and, even better, the rule of simply not giving a fuck and not taking life too seriously.


Because of this Death Parade has a variety very few shows can claim, and it´s not like they´re just stand alone stories with not relations to eachother, because thanks to the afromentioned variety, the characters of Death Parade – especially Decim- learn more about human emotions, and wonder if the system of wrong or right is really the right way of judgement.

Us humans aren´t black or white, we´re painfully stuck in the grey, sometimes a darker or ligther shade, but grey nevertheless, and different people react differently to different situations, so who is to say that ´pushing people to the edge´ is really the right way to go? do we have the right to judge others in the first place?

All these questions plus the shameless entertainment makes Death Parade an incredible series that I wholeheartedly recommend to absolutely everybody. Surely, some things towards the end could´ve been handled better or more dramatically, but all the good heavily overweights the things looking for improvement. So, should you watch it? definitely.

Final Verdict: 8.9. Easily the best of its respective season. Deserves season 2. Deserves praise. Deserves to be watched. Congrats, Madhouse.


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #32: Death Parade., 5.0 out of 5 based on 8 ratings
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