Subjectively-Objective Reviews #31: Parasyte.


“Upon researching the concept of demons, i believe that, among all life, humans are the closest thing to it. “

Parasyte is a show with a good symbolic start, an intriguing, strangely lighthearted middle part and a final quarter that makes you forget about all that, and turns into an okay-ish pseudo-intelligent anime that makes you wonder wheter you´re watching Tokyo Ghoul, or an anime about right hands that turn into penises. ´Cause really, it doesn´t get much more serious.


Shinichi is your average seventeen year old boy living with his parents, until one night worm-like aliens invade the Earth and plant themselves into their hosts – the humans and take control of their brain; Shinichi is one of these victims, but instead of taking the head, the parasyte takes his right arm instead, now two different minds in one body, the duo commence a journey of survival, confusion, human morals and ultimately, growing up.

 Madhouse started this show with a symbolic bang, when have we ever gotten a body horror show before, and much less a body horror show adapted from an 80s manga? for some reason, they took the plunge, and the first 12 episodes seemed to do it right, – in the sense that it wasn´t so dark that´d be laughable, in fact, many people thought it was a representation of the struggles and changes the body and mind of a adolescent experiences on the road to adulthood – to be honest, I felt this, and I thought it was very smart from doing so, I cheered the show on for being a lighthearted, entertaining watch with a bloody twist, until somewhere in the middle of the series the show shifted from a symbolic adventure to a shonen-tacky mess, all with underdeveloped human values and “who is the real monster?!11!” included.


But hey, I don´t hate this show. As I´ve said the first half of the show is incredibly entertaining and different, the characters are mostly great, the animationis what it´s supposed to be and Migi really steals the show, which brings me to my next problem; too many things happen to make the good really stand out.

We have characters like Murano, Kana, the glasses girl, the bishonen parasyte, and countless more characters that even with 24 episodes you really can´t  really learn to like, simply because they´re so irrelevant and take away the goodness from our main duo and their direct story-relevant surroundings a.k.a: Shinichi and Migi.

Because really, what did the others do? Murano just stood there going all are you really Shinichi-kun? are you? can you promise?! while Kana (if that´s her name) stalks him around for a few episodes until the unecessary event happens.

What did these two girls add to the story? Romance? what romance? is being an annoying twat with no character called romance? and what about Kana? symbolism? what´s the point of symbolism if you can´t like the character in question?

As for the latter half I´ve been raging about, I think I can speak for most people when I say the quality of the narrative and meaning declined hard, too emo, too obvious, too uninteresting, too seen before, it just didn´t work, mostly because I didn´t see Parasyte as a teen flick a lá Tokyo Ghoul, but as a teen flick a lá Death Note. Alright. Maybe not, but I´m sure you understand me.

So, in the end, is Parasyte – or Kiseijuu if you want to be difficult, worth the watch? To be honest, I think it is. It´s not a horrible watch, and for the most part, we don´t get a show like this too often, but really, they could´ve kept the story to Shinichi accepting his transformation a.k.a Migi and I would´ve been so much happier, on the price that it´d be a lot less popular. Probably.

Final Verdict: 6. Not disastrously terrible. Not great. There are better things to watch but I´m sure it isn´t the worst thing you could watch.


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #31: Parasyte., 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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