Subjectively-Objective Reviews #30: Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (2014)

Say what

“The archer class is indeed filled with archers.”- Shiro, aka the people die when they are killed guy.

Why did you like Fate/Zero? Personally, I enjoyed for its bomb animation, fights and the grown-up characters that for once parted from the dere-dere nametag anime just loves to tag people with, surely, Fate/Zero had some problems, those problems almost always related to me not caring for the story except for the latter half, but regardless, it was a fantastic watch, if just for the characters talking shit after witnessing 10 minutes of high quality moviesque fighting. But what happens when you replace those characters with walking stereotypes and replace the fight scenes with an undercover romcom instead? Brace yourselves, because Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 2014 has the answer.


Really, and then people complain about the DEEN version. Well, at least this has pretty animation from time to time, but for god sake, if this were a completely independent work, the first glimpse of the Fate universe ever, what would you honestly think?

Frankly, I´m not obsessed enough with this world to eat up everything they put out, and because of that I can say that I didn´t like Fate/Stay Night at all most of the time. Sure, some moments were mildly entertaining and when there was actual action happening, I was putting on weird faces of excitement, ´cause damn, can ufotable make fight scenes look cool.

My problem isn´t that, and I´m almost certain that the problem is with the source material rather than the studio, because the characters, as I´ve mentioned are walking talking steretypes except for maybe Archer, the rest? Tsundere, the OP main character, the really fucking annoying Sakura-character that talks like a child and is only ever on scene when we need food on the table or someone to gush over our wishy washy justice hero main character. Also potential tragedy, because golly gee, who wouldn´t feel bad for a completely irrelevant and inhumane – if not annoying – character that we have seen a million times before, just in different anime?


Look, I don´t care about the Visual Novel and I never will, no matter how many comments I´m gonna get about my ignorance and about how amazing the game is. I simply don´t have the time for it, and I´m simply not interested enough, therefore I can only judge this piece of fiction infront of me, and in my opinion, as you might have guessed, this isn´t good at all.

Too much talking, too many generic scenes, too little battle scenes and overall, just one boring scene after another.

As for the animation, I told ya, Ufotable know how to make it look good, mostly thanks to the colouring and camera angles, but when it comes to the actual animation, it really isn´t as impressive. All fo that is secondary though, because it works where it matters.


Fate/Stay Night is an objective-subjective mess that failed to captivate me from the second episode onwards, there is no doubt in my mind that this could have been so, so much better if Rin were the main character and if all the pointless dialogue were replaced with great action scenes, honestly, I don´t even care about the plot unlike in Fate/Zero. All in all, I have to give Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works 2014 part 1 a 5 out of 10, a recommendation to skip it unless you´ve played the source material and suggest you watch Fate/Zero instead, because I doubt that this will pick up in its second cour, there´s just no remedy for generic bullshit with a pretty bow on it.


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #30: Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works (2014), 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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