Subjectively-Objective Reviews #29: Tokyo Ghoul.


´If you were to write a novel with me as a protagonist, it would certainly be a tragedy.´

After finishing the first part of the series, these words hurt. Calling Tokyo Ghoul a tragedy wouldn´t be correct, but it wouldn´t be completely false either. It´s a series that doesn´t obligate you to think, you can enjoy it for the action and the action alone, but oh, when you think about it, the series suddenly become so, so much better.


Welcome to the world of Tokyo Ghoul, a world where ghouls and humans live together, but you never know who is what. In a world where ghouls and humans see eachother as animals, the college student Kaneki Ken spends his quiet days reading, until he meets the beautiful Rize who appears to love books as much as he does. When a single night changes everything, Kaneki is torn between two worlds, what will become of him, and what will become of his humanity?

I don´t get Tokyo Ghoul. It´s as if the creator was too afraid to put out a psychological thriller, so he made it a psychological shonen-esque action gore series instead. Tokyo Ghoul isn´t bad by any stretch of the imagination, it just sucks to know that it could have been so much more unique and interesting if it weren´t for the episodes where Tokyo Ghoul just bullshits around with boring events that – yes, shape the world of Tokyo Ghoul itself, but it´s just nothing compared to the amazing finale.

Shaft, is that you bro?

Because that´s exactly what it was: Amazing.

I loved the character exploration in the narration and the freaky feel with the visuals, episode 12 of Tokyo Ghoul just felt right. It felt different, it had identity, if the entire show were like that I am 100% sure that I would praise it to the heavens and shove it down everyone´s throats whenever and wherever I had the chance. But Tokyo Ghoul is just not there yet.

This doens´t mean that it´s not gonna get there. If anything, the -lacking– episodes of Tokyo Ghoul are only lacking because you know it could do better, but if you aren´t busy getting angry over that, they´re alright anyway. Sure there´s a lot of crying and tsundere-ing, sure, you don´t really give a fuck about some characters, but, hey, I was anticipating it week after week anyway.

What with the annoucement of the second season, I feel a bit more optimistic about the future of the series. Because even now, it worked, even if I didn´t enjoy it  as  much as others.

As for the visuals, studio Pierrot took me by surprise, because I absolutely love the stylization of the show. The blood, the opening visuals (and the music of the opening, holy shit.) , the use of colours, the movements, the facial expressions. Yes, more of that, please!


All in all, Tokyo Ghoul will definitely be a highlight of the anime year, and with the the knowledge that there will be more of it in the future I can only stay positive for it to drop the uneccessary shonen-esque spechees and random comic characters with exactly zero development. Tokyo Ghoul is best when it does it freaky, and for that alone I recommend all of you to give it a try if you haven´t done so already. The first part of Tokyo Ghoul gets a subjective-objective delicious score of 8 out of 10!


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #29: Tokyo Ghoul., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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