Subjectively-Objective Reviews #26: No Game No Life.

126Shows that receive alot of hype are kind of funny: Sometimes you agree with it and sometimes you don’t. Not understanding it just makes you wonder ‘what exactly do the fans see in this show?’ Here you have your Attack On Titan fans, the Sword Art Online people and, with Spring 2014, No Game No Life.

While it may not be on the heights of the afromentioned show, it’s fair to say that this has been the fan favourite of it’s season. That said, is NGNL any good, or is it just otaku fodder?

136Sora and Shiro, the heroes of this story, are two bonafied NEETS and master gamers, known as ‘Blank’ on the net, they have never lost and never will. Fastforward to just another day of the siblings winning another online game, they’re summoned by ‘God’ via a chess match (that they win) to a world where everything is decided by games. This is No Game No Life, and so begins their adventure.

I’ll be honest: When this was announced and the premise came out, I couldn’t be less excited. Hell, I was even more excited for God damn Mahouka than this. Gamers? Neets? Imoutos? Pfft, might aswell but a sign on the cover saying ‘Otaku gamers, stick your butts out.’

I couldn’t be more right, and oh, do I love it.

While it was actually airing, the world of No Game No Life just sucked me in, all the information we were getting just felt right and I couldn’t get enough of it, yes it’s wish-fullfilling, but why should that be a bad thing? Never in these past 12 weeks have I felt that NGNL tries to be something more than that and, for 24 minutes per week, it made me forget about all the real problems in life.

137This doesn’t mean No Game No Life is the perfect anime. It’s not, it’s pretty far from it actually: Thus come the characters.

Stephanie is portrayed as a useless damsel in distress (Even though she does prove to be useful, sometimes.) Jibril is waifu, Shiro is imouto N.1 and Sora is Jesus-kun. I enjoyed the cast the way I should have, hell, even Sora was fun to watch, but unfortunately No Game No Life suffers from Chronic Flawless MC syndrome which is one thing in anime that I just don’t get. How are perfect characters any fun? Thanks to this, the endless monologues of Sora and his genius master plan that went from smart to just dumbĀ  made me angry.


Furthermore, the one thing that most of us got interested in right from the start was probably the artstyle, stylization and to some extent, the animation. In my Spring 2014 Ranking I dubbed this to be “Candypop The Animation” and it is very much true, this show is deserves to be watched in high quality as this is the best way one can enjoy the vibrant and fun colouring NGNL uses without going overboard. The character designs are mostly gorgeous and for what it’s worth, I really have nothing but praises for this after watching that one gorgeous action scene somewhere in the last two episodes.

The OST is pretty legit too.

Objective-Subjective Final Verdict

Yes, this is otaku fodder, yes, it has its flaws, one of them being that the character talk too much about their own amazing-ness rather than going out of their way to show it. Regardless of any of that, No Game No Life may not be the best anime of the season, but it’s definitely my favourite anime of the season.

With fun characters, addictive OST, enjoyable story, a sense of humor and, -yes I’m saying it- otaku fodder makes me give No Game No Life a subjective score of 8.5 an objective score of 7 and a final objective-subjective score of 8 out of 10, a recommendation to watch it and, for further viewing pleasure I recommend Sunday Without God for the visuals, Log Horizon for the story and Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, Aren’t They? For the comedy. Also Jojo’s Bizzare Adventures ’cause it gets referenced alot and because it’s good.


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