Subjectively-Objective Reviews #23: Selector Infected WIXOSS.


What exactly is the appeal of ‘dark’ anime? While this is a question that deserves alot more analyzing than a pansy review on an even pansier show will do, I’ll cross my heart and give you my own subjective-objective 50 cents on Mari Okadas (Anohana, Nagi No Asukara) latest baby, Selector Infected WIXOSS, a show that prides itself in being disturbingly dark and edgy, but, oh, does that mean it’s enjoyable?


The plot of WIXOSS is pretty straight-forward and nothing to write home about: The game known as WIXOSS (What does that even mean?) is all the rage with the Japanese youth, there are a select few special girls that can hear the voices of these cards, known as Selectors, and the Selector that triumphs can make any wish come true.

This is Madoka Magica with cards. There is no other way to describe this show. Be it the plot, the obligatory selfless MC contrasting with otherwise selfish characters thrown in a bag of “edgy” and “Mari Okada” is a bit confusing to judge.

On one hand, it’s an objective mess that relies too much on unrealistic and two-dimensional melodrama that really is just there for the sake of drama instead of character development or plot progression. On the other hand though, for one reason or another WIXOSS is amazingly entertaining to watch.


Granted, I think the purpose of the show, apart from selling cutesy-cutesy moe cards is to involve the viewer in the world and give alot of feels. The only feel that WIXOSS gave me was that of amusement and laugther, it takes everything that’s wrong with the drama genre and the edgy-ness the community loves so much just to blow it up with a straight face, no matter how hard I try, I can’t imagine the creative minds behind this being all: “Yes, this is a well-structured and well-excecuted teenage drama flick that will surely make them want to buy our cards.


Furthermore, the characters are dense as fuck. Literally all of them are so brimming with stupid and cookie cutter it’s kind of sad how uninspiring it is. I mean, is it really that hard to present interesting, well-rounded and human characters that aren’t based of an archtype found on TV

Sure, maybe their point was to present different conflicts and the characters just present them, but this idea doesn’t sell me, if I felt some sort of attachement to any of these characters, I might even dare to say that this is a good show, unfortunately, they’re less human than Madoka Magica and, in my opinion, humanity is a key factor in good dramas.

Subjective-Objective Final Verdict

Objectively, this show is a hot mess that aspires to be bigger than it could ever be, mixed with Mari Okada’s melodramatic writing  that gets more boring and more frustrating as the seasons pass makes WIXOSS to be just another shallow anime trying to hit it big.

Subjectively, WIXOSS is still a hot mess, but once you’ve found the right mindset, it is ridiculously enjoyable even if it’s just to laugh at the stupidity of our characters. WIXOSS is an unfinished series set to continue in the fall season, and while I would now recommend you to avoid this like the plague, maybe, just maybe Okada turns into Satoshi Kon and we’re getting some serious psychological twists. This is not going to happen.

Selector Infected WIXOSS, what with it’s crayon-like artsyle, cheap drama, corny characters and overall obnoxiousness makes me give this show an objective-subjective rating of 5.6, a recommendation to not watch it and, if enjoyed, you’re probably gonna eat up Mirai Nikki and Madoka Magica.


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