Subjectively-Objective Reviews #22 Nisekoi.

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As of late, the harem genre pretty much guarantees 12 to 24 episodes of a hormone-induced mess that usually centers around a wet blanket of a protagonist and five to seven haremettes that don’t go much deeper than childhood friend, tsundere, dandere, the Rei-clone, the loli, the crossdresser and that one male friend that’s just there to dick around, all with the mentality of a 12-year old to match their viewers sexual achievements.

Enter Nisekoi, Akiyuki Shinbo’s and SHAFT’s valiant attempt in doing something completely not different.


Raku is your average highschooler, except that this highschooler is also the son and heir of a Yakuza family and also conveniently made a promise to a girl he met 10 years ago, ever since that day, Raku never let go of the pendant the girl have her with the promise of getting married. Enter Chitoge Kirisaki, the daugther of a gang whose chemistry with Raku couldn’t be more off, in order to stop a full-out gang war from breaking out, Chitoge and Raku must play the role of lovers, except that Raku has the total hots for Onodera!

Apart from stupid characters that win the award for the worlds biggest collective dunces, Nisekoi is infamous for their inability of progressing the plot and making a haremized version of god damned Kingdom Hearts. Introducing not only a ridiculous story that holds no support but also no close-to-decent development to make it credible, relying on “funny” twists that are, naturally, only funny because they’re so stupid. It’s really just the daily lives of our characters, and man, can it get repetitive.


But that’s not the only thing that’s repetitive. As I’ve said before, the harem genre is notorious for creating archytypes rather than people or even characters. This wouldn’t be that bad if they were likeable, which, for the most part they sort of are. When they aren’t talking.

I guarantee that this show has alot of talking.


So, if the story is non-existent and the haremettes are bordering the line of meh, what else is there left to enjoy in Nisekoi, huh, SHAFT? The stylization?

Well yes. For one, I am 100% that I would have dropped this if it was done by anyone that isn’t SHAFT. Y’see, I think they really worked their magic here and no, I don’t want to hear hordes of fanboys bitching about the way ‘it doesn’t fit‘. It adds colour to the otherwise uninspiring and bland world of Nisekoi. Nisekoi is not the spotlight, SHAFT is.

Subjective-Objective Final Verdict

I don’t dislike this show, I really don’t. Sure, I just reduced the entire show to ‘SHAFT does a harem anime’ and that’s because it is. I might me a bit tsundere over Nisekoi though since, damn, it really puts the corn in ‘corny.’

Objectively, this show should be banished to anime hell as it wasted 20 episodes of our lives with idiotic fussing over childhood promises, hand-holding and the most immature form of love, all with it’s SHAFT stylization that makes it tolerable.

Subjectively, it’s still SHAFT working it’s magic and Nisekoi should be grateful for that feat, but all together, it’s guilty-pleasure material that if not enjoyed, you will love to hate.

All in all, Nisekoi is a definite must-watch for fans of the genre, and even if you don’t like it, I still suggest you give it a try. If you liked Nisekoi, try Bakemonogatari or Love Hina. Nisekoi gets a final subjective-objective rating of a 6 out of 10 with the possibility of a second season that I’m not necessarily looking forward to. Cheers.


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