Subjectively-Objective Reviews #17 Kuroko No Basket Season Two


If they can be told to quit, they wouldn’t last long anyway.“–Midorima Shintaro.

As we say farewell to our favourite two dimensional and oddly-coloured hair basketball players once more, It’s time for us bloggers and amateur reviewers to break this show down and analyze it with facts and feelings… right? Well, I mean, I guess; Except that, when it comes to Shingeki no basket Kuroko no basket, My feelings are exactly the same as the former 25 episodes.

Forreal though, Kuroko No Basket is just as fast paced, ridiculous and shonen as the first season if not more so; the story is the same except that our Seirin fellows are hitting up on the Winter Cup to show the rest of Japan just what they are made of, which is probably the same thing Goku and every other Dragon Ball character ever are made of; Win, awesome and ridiculous.
That’s right, if  the previous season was Naruto, the second season is Dragon Ball Z and Murasakibara putting the titants in Attack on Titan to shame:It’s dumb, it’s exagarrated, it’s over the top and it’s Kuroko No Basket. What else do you want me to say?

52The characters are basically the same; Except that, this time, the focus goes from Kise and Midorima to more Aomine and Murasakibara (And a little bit of Akashi who totally fits in Higurashi by the way)

Personally, I’m not a big Murasakibara fan for his attitude and also because of Tatsuya’s jealousy to him hits a little to close to home, I swear to god I teared up a bit.

Still, I love to hate him and apart from those two, we get more of Seirin and other amazing characters like waifu #1 Alex.


Animation is, as always, close to spectacular; Especially the animation in the ending theme,  In a perfect universe, all animation is like that. I mean, have you seen it?

Be it in making the characters look pretty or the movements look more fluid than water, Production I.G did an amazing job in getting the point across and it payed off.

Objectively-Subjective Final Verdict

There are very few negative comments I can make on Kuroko No Basket, and despite me calling it out for being over-the-top and wild, it’s a show that has some genuine heart and emotions that convince me that this is, subjectively, the best sports show I have seen what with it’s jaw dropping hilarious exagerrated and intense games mixed with interesting characters and character relationships topped with great animation.

Objectively though, one could complain that the games take a little too long to finish and the speeches in the middle of it are both annoying and laughable. This mixed with crazy characters can make up for a bumpy ride; I myself thought of this, but the very idea got knocked right out of my head after getting so excited I had to stand up and smile from ear to ear, because Kuroko no basket knows how to do hype and excitement, and, in the end, it’s the enjoyment that really counts.


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Subjectively-Objective Reviews #17 Kuroko No Basket Season Two, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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