Subjectively-Objective Reviews #19 Kill la Kill


“Ryuuko-chan! Ryuuko-chan! Over here, over here! This desk is free! Suzuki used to sit here, but he was killed by the student council yesterday, so it’s free now!” —Mako Mankanshoku.

As the show itself  has kindly pointed out, Kill la Kill is an anime with a “breakneck  pace“, crazy characters, sketch-like animation and whole lotta’ hype. Stay away from it if you don’t like boobs, nudists, cliché plot andor eyebrows whose game is just too strong.


Ryuoko Matoi is a girl who travels from place to place with the mission of finding her father’s killer and taking revenge on the culprit: Thus she ends up at Honnouji Academy, where your worth is entirely based on your uniform -Goku uniform- and where the student council have absolute power similar to dictatorship. Lady Satsuki is their leader and also holds the secret to Ryouko’s father’s death… Was it coincidence or fate that brought these two strong-willed girls together, and what crazy mishaps will they encounter hereforward?!

Kill la Kill is just as ambitious as the synopsis sounds: And while the ‘plot’ might seem incredibly cliché and used to you…well, you’d be right, ’cause it is cliché and it has no problem in taking out all the old tricks we’ve seen on Cartoon Network as kids out of the box.

And that’s exactly it’s charm: It reminds me of the times where I would get all giddy because she used her pinky and she flew away! Oh my Gosh that’s so cool!

And that’s that: If we’re going to analyze the plot objectively we wouldn’t get really far: There are talking uniforms and it’s weird, but it’s the kind of weirdness that hypes you up and makes you feel victorious, the TTGL roots are obvious, ’cause boy, does Kill la Kill know how to do epic.


Oh the character, bless.

Being as ridiculous as they are is just fitting for a show where the fate of humanity depends on clothes. Still, somehow, they’re fresh. Freshly annoying or freshy lovable or character you love to hate. And while most of them have some sort of motivation for doing what they do, it’s their silly and heartwarming interactions that make me fall in love with them: That’s right, as random as they are sometimes, this show knows how to hit you in the feels and it hits you hard; Especially Satsuki who is the best character to come out of Winter 2014, and that says alot seeing how friggin’ huge this cast is.


While the animation itself is kind of funny and inconsistent I will admit that I really, really like the looks of it. Be it them looking like sketches or be it the lack of detail that works in it’s favour. Besides, the characters designs are cool and Studio TRIGGER makes it a point to have every epic scene look as epic and exaggerated as possible, take that as you will. The OPs and EDs did nothing to me but the OST was fantastic.

Subjective-Objective Final Verdict


Forreal, that’s all it really his: Hype. This mixed with blood, skimpy outfits and over-powered characters make up for one hell of a ride that some will appreciate more than others. ‘Cause objectively looking, it has nothing going for it, mainly because I think that the people behind it didn’t try to make this an objective masterpiece.

It’s silly and it’s alot of fun, the kind of fun you liked as a kid.

All in all, I suggest you give it a try as I give this a final subjective-objective score of 7.3 while I also suggest you watch Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan for the obvious reasons, and FLCL for the crazy. Cheers.


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