Subjectively-Objective Reviews #18 Mahou Sensou


“Takeshi-kun!” – The entire anime.

It’s not rare to watch a show for the studio or people behind it, I mean, up to a few years ago anything made by MADHOUSE was bound to be edgy and glittering in cool. For one reason or another I’m stuck in 2008 and, even though the premise didn’t have me interested at all, the MADHOUSE tag lured me in just to laugh at me.

Because that’s what I felt while watching Mahou Sensou; Ridiculed.


Takeshi Nanase is an ordinary higschool  boy with a dark past and a fake girlfriendchildhood friend whose name is Kurumi Isoshima (Tsundere #1) on a fated day, Mui Aiba (Loli #1) crashes into his lips, tells him that she is a magician and shortly afterwards his life and the life of his friends and family turns into a turmoil of magic, love triangles and war.

Man oh man, where do I start? Mahou Sensou is bad, very bad. Ask anyone who sat trough it and chances are they’ll say the same: It’s horribad.

Both objectively and subjectively the “plot” feels more like a cliché pseudo-harem love-triangle show wrapped up and camouflaged in action-fantasy paper.

I mean, I wouldn’t be as annoyed with this show as I am right now if Mahou Sensou decided to just be a shitty “romance” show, but instead they had us fooled pretending that this show acutally has fantasy and action.


I can say the same for the characters. The plot points revolve around them and it is done horribly: They’re fine for the afromentioned harem “romance” show mainly because you know what you’re getting into, but for a show that’s trying a litte too hard to be epic and serious and BA, well, it just falls flat on it’s face and breaks it’s nose while at it.

Takeshi, our main character, is easily the most mundane, boring, “perfect” main character I have ever had the misfortune of seeing; His actions, his reactions, his relationships, his hardships, his personality, his troubles, his speech… all of it is so boring and “perfect” it makes me wonder if the writers are in fact 13 year old white boys in the middle of puberty.

Why do I say this? He is a god damn womanizer similar and reminiscent to Kirito from Sword Art Online. Every female whitin a 10 meter radius can’t help but ooze over our heroic MC, this is proven as he succesfully saves everyone even though they have alot more experience with magic than him, a newcomer.

The characters don’t stop there though: We have loli love interest #1 who is as flat as a washboard (In both personality and appearance) and tsundere childhood friendlove interestfake girlfriend #2 whose only purpose is to be saved by our heroic MC to make him look that much more heroic.

Naturally, we have the bestfriend who is never given the time of day even though he is the most entertaining character out of the entire show simply because he doesn’t give a shit.

Voldemort's forgotten children.
Voldemort’s forgotten children.

This is MADHOUSE, so after realizing that the plot is going nowhere and that the character’s should be sacrificed one by one, I figured that the animation and music could maybe redeem the show’s pride.

It doesn’t.

There is literally only one action scene that I liked (First episode) and otherwise it looks mediocre or bad: Inconsistency, movements, colouring…it’s all so dull. But hey, atleast the character designs look good.

As for the music, what music? The opening is meh but I’ll admit that I like the ending.

Subjective-Objective Final Verdict

Don’t watch this show. Just don’t. I’m confused as to why this got chosen to be animated because there is nothing original or entertaining about it, unless you like cliché romance with a bit of magic thrown in, avoid it like the plague.

Actually, avoid it all together ’cause there a dozen of shows that do exactly this but fifty times better, take Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei for example, which is another MADHOUSE show airing right now. Cheers.


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