Subjectively-Objective Reviews #15 Hamatora The Animation


Feelings aren’t black and white. Even if they’re fuzzy and contradictory, if they’re sincere, they are what they are. Follow what your heart tells you. Be true to yourself, okay?— Murasaki

Hamatora The Animation was a strange experience; It’s been a while since I’ve seen a show where the protagonists are all pretty boys and the point of the series isn’t exactly that;  Boys standing around looking pretty.

So, apart from the questionable relationships between our respected characters, is there anything else in it for us to enjoy? The answer is, uh, kinda?


The story revolves around a group of “Mininum Holders” that form a detective group called “Hamatora”, all goes well until a chain of strange events begin to unfold in the city of Yokohama… and the Hamatora group has more to do with it than their comfortable with!

As far as the plot goes, Hamatora is very inconsistent in keeping one tone for 12 episodes; One moment it looks like a happy-go-lucky silly mistery show, the next it takes a turn for the supernatural, and when we think that this is (finally) how it’s gonna be, they kick in a plot, but then send that idea for a walk aswell and go back to the silly and episodic nature of the first episode, so, what is it Hamatora? What are you trying to do?

While yes, objectively this is no good, subjectively this didn’t annoy me at all. And even when it was horribly animated and dumb, it was still a pleasure to watch and I didn’t miss a beat, ’cause despite everything, I still feel alot of heart and emotion, which is something alot of shows lack these days.

As for the characters: I liked some, disliked otherd and felt absolutely appalled by the rest. In their defense though, my friend completely fell in love with the characters I didn’t sympatize with, so again, this is very subjective.

If I have to critique on something, it would be the character designs which were full of flaws and mishaps; the boobs, Art’s hair and the Hulk’s ridiculous colouring. Despite that, I have fallen head over heels in love with Murasakibara (the megane guy) so that’s a thing. Either way, every single character lacks dimension, especially Nice-kun, who feels like a Kirito. Y’know, perfect in everything he does and doesn’t even feel bad about it.

Our villain is a villain so Orochimaru that it’s kind of sad actually. I see zero creativity and by the end he was just annoying and felt like a trampoline to make our perfect protagonist shine even brighter. Sigh.

My alleged husband and his boyfriend.

This is a mixed-media project, so the low budget is understandable. And while Hamatora does pull some tricks what with the psychedelic colors used in the action scenes, it gets old very fast and their intentions and insecurity of making an interesting fight scene is shown, as is seen in the obligatory bathhouse episode. (Biggest money-saving scene I have seen in my 5 years of anime watching except maybe Evangelion) I will give credit to the latter half of the final episode for not using the afromentioned psychedelic trick and actually put some *gasp* effort in making the scene look awesome, which, by the way, totally worked.


Subjective-Objective Final Verdict

Objectively, this show is absolutely catastrofical with every letter of the word; And alot of people have pointed this out. Having no sense of suspense or direction, the single-faced characters and the poor animation makes me give this show an objective cipher of a 3.

Subjectively, however, this show was a hell lotta’ fun. Be it me having fun shipping the characters, laughing at the ridiculousness of the whole or just me being attracted to this show for one reason or another that somehow, somehow weights out the bad. And boy, does this show have alot of bad.

Subjectively, I will give thi show a 6.5, bringing me to the subjective-objective cipher of 5.35.

But of course, not everyone will be as generous as me, and of course this show won’t be enjoyed by everyone; So I will not recommend you to watch this unless you’re really, really out of shows to see.


(IMPORTANT NOTE: Before I get 23 and a half comments telling me that, ‘Selena, how can you judge a show when it’s going to have continuation??‘ Well I’ll be the first to tell you that I know, and I will even be writing a rant about the ridiculous cliffhanger ending so hold your horses.)


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