Subjectively-Objective Reviews #13 D-Frag!


“That’s the space porno scuffle flush!”–Roka Shibasaki

Don’t be mislead by the picture above; This is not Higurashi, and it’s not a harem; Above we see Roka Shibasaki, the Haruhi Suzumiya of 2014, or atleast on-par with her godess level.

It  seemed impossible but it’s true; Winter 2014 brought us an actual memorable show where flaws are hard to find. It’s comedy, it’s very much out there, the character shout alot and the level of dere is off the charts, masochist boys who like to be in small, hot places, be aware, ’cause the D-frag girls (and guy) are in town!


Kazama Kenji is the leader of the Kazama family, a group of self-proclaimed and self-satisfied resident deliquents that make it their mission to dominate the school and be the toughest guys out there. Unfortunately for him there is one particular group that will forever one-up them when it comes to being outrageous, and when said club (appropiately named ‘Game Creation Club -Provisional’) tries to recruit him as a member of their club, what crazy mishaps will fall upon Kenji?

D-Frag is very, very weird. The characters, the setting, the comedy, the music and even the animation sometimes; They all seem to be done with the intention of making the show as over the top and outrageous as possible. They have succedeed.

There isn’t alot to say, really. I mean it’s a comedy show; And I feel that, in anime, there are only two kinds of comedy: Silly and dumb comedy or smart comedy.

Of course D-Frag belongs to the former, throwing in many pop-culture references, silly humor and character archetypes done hilariously wrong.


Speaking of characters, they’re fuckin’ weird. I mean, they’re written for the sake of comedy so don’t expect an insane development of any kind, but I can safely say that, for a comedy show, the D-Frag cast is pretty original and refreshing and definitely make me laugh more than once in a single episode.

Props definitely go to Kenji’s voice actor and his lungs for being able to shout as much as he did; Throwing in a “normal” character that takes a spectative role in a show where common sense is not common sense is kind of hilarious and suits for most of the comedy.

As for the animation, it’s…strangely old-school and simple. Which, is appropiate and all, but I felt a little nostalgic. And the music is great, and by “music” I literally only mean the opening which is the best of the season and reminded that I was in for a crazy 24 minute ride.


Subjective-Objective Final Verdict & Recommendations


If the video above didn’t make you atleast smile, chances are that this show isn’t for you. As I’ve said before, comedy is a very subjective genre and I don’t believe that one kind of comedy is superior to another, and therefore looking at it objectively is kind of impossible.

So, subjectively, I give it a 8.65 and a recommendation to watch it only if it sounds like something you could enjoy. I’ll refrain from analyzing this objectively for obvious reasons, and, finally, if you like D-Frag, I recommend you watch the 65-episode long Beelzebub for the outrageous and Ouran Host Club for the reverse version of the show.




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