Subjectively-Objective Reviews #12 Noragami.


Even if things are painful and tough, people should appreciate what it means to be alive at all.–Yato.

Noragami is considered one of if not the best anime of the Winter season, arguments being that it actually has a coherent story with characters that grow and that it’s focus isn’t on the fanservice; Personally, I can kind of sorta agree with that opinion, even though it does have plenty of faults that people seem to overlook, but all that doesn’t matter if the show at hand can hit you right in the feels exactly when it should and boy oh boy, does Noragami know how to do that.


To be honest, I had no interest in Noragami at all, but the animation, characters and overal feel kind of reminded me of one of my favourite anime ever; Zetsuen No Tempest. And when the amazing opening played and the first three episodes aired, I kind of felt like Noragami was just another Kyoukai No Kanata (and every other supernatural anime ever) except with a better OST and more enjoyable characters. It wasn’t bad, it felt like “just another anime”, to be honest.

It felt formulaic and repetitive, objectively speaking, it didn’t have alot going for it; But as the episodes passed I felt like things started to develop, and I came to my conclusion about the show:

Noragami is not your usual by the book supernatural god anime, if I had to use another word to describe it it would be character-driven, lighthearted, dramatic and humane. Noragami isn’t that much about the world building and the livehood of the gods as much as it is about the characters within thatworld and their relationships, along with their personal troubles (Which can be wonderfully cliché or interestingly deep) and humanity.

That´s right, while the whole suicide, troublesome past and being dead themes have been used and overused, Noragami presents it in such a quirky yet unsettlingly dramatic fashion that it feels fresh and surprising.

26Of course, drama only works if you feel anything for the characters (As I´ve conveniently complained about in my Drama, Melodrama & Forced Drama post) and I feel as if Noragami excels at this, and while some are of the opinion that their actions and attitude are obnoxious and annoying (Hello Yukine!) I feel like it´s all done within the realm of reason.

So that´s that, the Noragami trio are my OT3 and their relationship is beautiful, and reminiscent of a family; And even though it´s not the focus of the show, I feel that the romance was strangely satisfying. But hey, that might just be me.


Animation is fine, I guess. While it does an amazing job in making the characters look pretty and actions scenes look badass, I feel that all that is overshadowed by the jaw-dropping amazing OST. Be it the opening, the music (dubstep, piano and everything inbetween) or the ending theme; Noragami would not be Noragami without it.

Subjective/Objective Final Verdict

Objectively, yes, Noragami may be the best show of it´s season; Even with it´s clichés and (maybe) lazy and unfinished conclusion, it takes a genre and shows us another take of it. Objectively, it gets a 7 for story, 7 for characters, 8 for music and 7 for animation.

Subjectively, it´s a show with pretty characters, amazing music, touching moments and oddly fulfilling romance and character interaction. While it´s not the best show of the season for me personally, it´s definitely in the top 5. Subjectively, the story gets a 6, characters a 7, 8 for music, 6 for animation and 7 for enjoyment; Concluding to an overal Subjective-Objective rating of 7.25, a recommendation to watch it and if you´re looking for anime similar to it, check out Kyoukai No Kanata for the supernatural, and Zetsuen No Tempest for the character interaction.


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