Studio Ghilbi Closes It’s Doors And Quits Film Making. [Updates]


‘We’re closing the doors of film making.” Says Toshio Suzuki, producer of Studio Ghilbi. “We’ll only manage copyrights from now on.”  he continues on MBS’s Jounetsu Tairiku.

It’s shocking, sad and most of all, painful, but strangely not unexpected. The infamous Hayao Miyazaki has mentioned a possible  dissolution way back in 2010, before he announced his retirement:

“No joke, we talked about it the other day. For example, Ghibli should be able to continue with about five staff members as a copyright management company even if we smash the studio. So, Ghibli can say ‘We stop film production. Goodbye’. I do not have to be there.”

Reasons are mostly financial, what with The Tale Of Princess Kaguya not making any profit and The Wind Rises still having to do the job, Ghilbi decided to close doors.

This is big news for not only the anime scene, but for animation in general, and all we can really say is thank you, Ghilbi, thank you for all these years of joy.

 Updates: Rejoice. Or not. Due to some mistranslation this article is false. Well, for the most part. Studio Ghilbi will take a step back and apart from changing some things within the studio itself, it’ll take a break and see what they’ll do in the future. Sorry for this, guys.


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Studio Ghilbi Closes It's Doors And Quits Film Making. [Updates] , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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