Steins;Gate Creator´s Occultic;Nine Gets Anime Adaptation.


In a trailer that feels like an overpriced milkshake of Vocaloid, World Trigger, hype and ab-suh-lu-te-ly nothing to do with Steins;Gate, Occultic;Nine got green-lit for this year, and a trailer which you can watch here ran right after it. Furthermore, details like studio and exact airing date has not been revealed, though I´d find it funny if SHAFT did it. Because it reminds me Mekaku City Actors but also like Triggers upcoming work, Mekaku City Actors, A Little More Animated.

Jokes aside, the super duper mysterious show is described as a “paranomal science” plot that follows nine individuals linked by a summary blog ran by, you guessed it, a seventeen year old highschool student. Eventually this will all lead to something so big and unimaginable it might alter the common sense of the world. Or something.

I promise I´m not the seventeen year old highschool student despite also being a seventeen year old highschool student. I think the interesting thing here is the difference in style from the pale and cold colours of Steins;Gate and the vibrant Skittle palette of this one. Obviously the artists are different, and I hope the anime will keep up with this aesthetic without falling in the headache-inducing mess that was Concrete Revolution. I didn´t like Steins;Gate or Chaos;Head at all, but this looks like a melting pot of so many different thigns I´m curious. What do you guys think?


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Steins;Gate Creator´s Occultic;Nine Gets Anime Adaptation., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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