Some Manga About A Boy In A Maid Outfit Gets Anime.

22To all the dirty shota fangirls, the images of 2D boys getting tortured by older guys you get on Google isn´t actually related to this, but those images are related to Boku no Pico – that little boy fetish show you show your drunk friends on a Saturday night and they´ll never speak to you again.

Thankfully, the actual manga at hand, Shonen Maid by Ototachibana, doesn´t involve whips and minors, or at least not sexually, and instead tells the story Chihiro Komiya, a boy who´s mother dies and then some older man claiming to be his uncle shows up to offer him a job as a maid at his house – this is not creepy at all.

Either way, the manga has been running since 2008 and it also has a bunch of drama CDs, the staff hasn´t been announced yet, but I wouldn´t be surprised if DEEN picks this up – I can´t say I care one way or the other, shotas aren´t my thang, ya know, I prefer my men off age and slightly more muscular.


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Some Manga About A Boy In A Maid Outfit Gets Anime., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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