So About Akame Ga Kill.

84Remember when the community was crying out in anticipation over the second coming of edgy anime Jesus? 24 (or 25) weeks later, how do you feel over this clusterfuck of an anime?

I don´t intend to make this yet another rant about Akame Ga Kill (I´ve gotten enough angry fans on my bloggers door for that one) but instead, I simply want to talk about this as a whole. About its beginning, middle and especially the ending. This is not a review, I feel that a review wouldn´t get my opinion across the way I want it to come across, kind of like the anime itself. Hey, what was I talking about again?


Let´s try and keep it short n´ sweet. After Akame Ga Trainwreck ended I felt interested (yes, interested) enough to read a bit of the manga, while I only read a few of the colosseum chapters and the one where the three kids get raped by a dog I knew that I had seen enough to properly judge this series. For me, this show is simply vulgar, eyebrow-raising, uneccessary and really, are there any more clichés they could pull out of their ass? Somehow I doubt it.

But Selena, why do you take it so seriously?

Certainly, if Akame Ga Kill presented itself as some sort of parody or goofy anime about some walking-talking stereotypes being dramatic, it might have been funny, ´cause honestly, this sounds like a pretty sweet concept. Unfortunately, most of us didn´t get that idea and judging by the rape, the hilarious over-kill of deaths and the way everything got taken so seriously put the cross on Akame Ga Kill´s grave.

Anyway, after finding out that I was indeed right and this was slowly but steadily becoming the next Mirai Nikki, I found myself enjoying the show more and more, at least when the show wasn´t busy trying to prove that, wow, look at these evil people, LOOK AT THIS EVIL KING, LOOK AT THE CORRUPTION! THE RAPE! LOOK AT IIIIIIT!!!

Why did I enjoy it? Oh, I don´t know, it became so unintentionally silly, especially when it went anime-original, it´s as if the staff collectively yelled out ´fuck it!´ and took a few shots of vodka before animating the giant mecha piloted by a shota king. Or the moment where Akame felt like a reject Tokyo Ghoul-design, or the moment where Tatsumi died. Or Mine died. Or Leone died. Or when anyone died, for that matter.

Just like that, Akame Ga Kill came to an end. I enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons. This show isn´t subtle, it hates its characters and the writer really needs to go back to writing school but, in the end, it was a fun ride, it was fun ripping this show apart week after week and at some point the stupid shonen monologues became hilarious, too. Would I recommend this to anyone? Fuck no. If you want to watch people die, go watch Attack On Titan or something.


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