Show Me The Money 4 Episode 4 Thoughts – An Absolute Mess.


But wait, this isnt anime?! true, true, but it´s also my blog, and I´m kind of obsessed with Khip-hop nowadays and I´ve been loving the trainwreck that is Show me The Money ever since season 3, now that I´m following it weekly, I feel like I´m in my right to talk smack about it while loving everything about it. SMTM 4 episode 4 features a cypher, Snoop Dogg giving the same praise to everyone;“it´s dope, he´s dope” and then performances by the produces… of which Zico and Paloalto slayed and Tablo was completely ignored for some reason. I´m sad, man, I love Tablo.

The episode starts out with a cypher and everyone is hollering at Snoop Dogs appeareance, despite not knowing a word of Korean, I guess flow and the X-factor was the challenge here – that or you pull a Microdot and slay in English, which was later followed by most rappers and a very crazy-eyed New Champ, folllowed by an apology from MNET for “embarassing” korean hip hop, this apology didn´t really seem all that honest though, as then they continued to the cut where all the rappers were all up in Snoop´s face and a brawl that might have aswell ended up in punches being thrown – one way or another, the producers had to step in and rules had to be made, this is why anarchy will never work.

Controversy and excitement aside, my personal stand-outs were Microdot, Taewoon, Black Nut and even Mino, the to-be winner of the fourth season – he has that YG swag and aura where he could talk shit and you´d still be into into it, much like the trouble he got into after this episode for his supposed “sexist” lyrics, as a woman, I wasn´t at all offended or even noticed this, shit, I was bobbing all the way through his bars.

And thus we also see the boring leave of the last female rapper in the game, MNET decided to turn it into a joke, homegirl forgot her lyrics and to be honest, she didn´t seem like she was about to spit anything real, more like senseless and pointless “swag” talk about the haters she probably doesn´t even have. This is my problem with Khip-hop, to be honest.

Speaking of female rappers, I honestly think the woman Black Nut was up against should´ve made it to this round somehow, her freestyle sucked, but she slayed in the actual round – then again, SMTM is basically a drama, and a respectable female rapper wouldn´t have made for an interesting story, Black Nut and his persona, however, does, so much in fact that apparently episode 5 had to be halted by the producers over his controversial rap which was too hot for television – looking at his Graduation lyrics which have been circulating around for some time now, it´s not hard to imagine to what kind of extent he was going to rap about his fantasies of raping schoolgirls. Wow, dude, wow.

On a more relevant note, actual sunshine freestyle rapper Chul Goo got sent home for not making it in time on the cypher, not because he couldn´t have made it, but because he wanted the highschooler to get a chance instead – honorable or a bit stupid, Chul Goo has gained a new fan right here just for giving the drama a break and wind it back to the brotherly roots of modern hip-hop, you go Chul Goo, you´ve slayed everyone without even rapping.

More Snoop Dog “so dope” scenes later and me wondering wheter there´s a smudge on the screen or if it´s just Jay Park, it was time for the producers mini-concert to win over the contestants – now more poorly edited than ever before. No, seriously, what the fuck was that MNET.

Frowning and pissed at the fact I couldn´t bump over AOMG´s or Zico x Paloalto´s performances, I was glad to find the full performances on youtube – Zico and Paloalto won, I think it´s 100% justified, because damn it, if that wasn´t the most hip-hop stage of the evening.

Personally, my ranking would be Zico and Paloalto – YG – AOMG – San E and Verbal Jint. The latter makes me sad, because Brand New slayed my whole entire life in their SMTM3 performance; more energy, more hype – just like Zico and Paloalto this season, they didn´t need anymore props or anymore people, the song buildup was great and if “You can´t fuck with my team” and “Yes or no” doesn´t get you hyped, man, we can´t be friends.

YG on the other hand went all out inviting last years winner Bobby and loser B.I to the stage – Born Hater is a great song, but way overplayed, regardless, I repeat Tablo´s “Airbag” part almost daily and it´s the stage which made me look for more Tablo, since then I´ve found dozens of lyrical gems – he´s probably my favourite producer on the team as of now.

Team AOMG also went full out, and I liked it, it had energy, but it´s a performance to live in the moment, with people shouting and the adrenaline pumping – not to be watching it via a computer screen, it simply doesn´t have the impact and punch, which is what their performance was all about.

One way or another, this has been a great clusterfuck of an episode, and I´m loving every single moment of it, though it does make me wonder, Unpretty Rapstar season two when?


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