Shoujo Manga “Hatsukoi Monster” Gets Anime Adaptation.

541A scan of the August edition of the Aria shoujo magazine has announced that Hatsukoi Monster will receive an anime adaptation – studio, air date and additional information has not been revealed.

Hatsukoi Monster is an on-going shoujo manga by Akira Hiyoshimaru, who´s mainly known for her BL works and illustrations for the BL Visual Novel “Wings Innocent.”

Hatsukoi Monster tells the story of Nikaido Kaho, a rich girl who gets saved by a stranger after almost being run over by a truck, shocked, she finds out the boy lives in her dormitory and so confesses her love to him, he agrees to go out with her. Unfortunately for her, she quickly finds out she´s in fact dating a fifth grader.

Personally, I´m on the fence with this one – I´m a sucker for shoujo, but this has more of an Inu x Boku vibe going on rather than an Ore Monogatari atmosphere, and I can´t say I really like her artwork in both the shoujo and yaoi, guys who look like children don´t really appeal to me, ya know. Will I watch it though? definitely, I have sat through all terrible shoujo adaptations in the past two years, one more won´t kill me.


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Shoujo Manga "Hatsukoi Monster" Gets Anime Adaptation., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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