Seven Fall Anime We’re Looking Forward To – Make Anime Straight Again.

We’ve got pointy chins, handsome highschools, butt wrestling our way out of Donald Trump’s college debt and Yuri on Ice which has everything but yuri.

Fune wo Amu


Trash rolls around in the dirt and I collect everything that seems like it might appeal to my degenerate serious men-to-men bonding (with gay subtext and lit believable-not-melodramatic-drama) animu fetish.

Everything about this from the poster to the concept down to the previews shows that this should be animated by DEEN but sike on all of us because it’s actually-factually produced by ZEXCS. Both are in capital letters and don’t make a lot of sense but whatever.

This is either a blessing or a curse because DEEN has been holding the “office men doing office men things” baton since forever, not a lot of them have been very good, recent exceptions being Ganroku, except that’s more of a “storytelling men doing storytelling men things” with the necessary gay undertones, of course.

This should be good. It’s harder to fuck this up than to do it well – it has a book and an oscar nominated movie. It has a director who’s okay with day-to-day drama (none of us liked Say I Love You, but we can blame that on the source material)and while ZEXCS isn’t quite Madhouse, it’s not quite the worst studio they could have picked, either. I mean, this could have gone to A1 after all. I’ll be carefully expectant.




On a much ligther note. Butt and titty wrestling has become a thing in Keijo, where a bunch of college girl fight to the literal edge in a tournament to pay off their daddy’s drinking and gambling debts and hookers running away from yakuza owned BDSM mommy kink brothels.

The last part is a lie. I think. The titty wrestling is real though, and word has it that the video freezes up if you don’t scream “Keijo !!!!!!!!” eight times in a row everytime a challenger walks in the fighting circle.

It’s trashy as fuck but between this and ecchi anime that’s typical and too scared to really go there, I’d pick ridiculous shit like this any time of the week and personally I hope the animoose sports effect takes over the community and underground, ilegal semi-naked butt wrestling to get out of debt actually becomes a thing because this is what we need to make America great again. Bernie Sanders would disagree.

Make college free. Support the youth.


Watashi ga Motete Dousunda


I’m being set up for dissapointed. I’m so so so being set up for dissapointment but I’ll still giggle like a little tween when I watch the first episode and then get bored of it, y’know, kind of like when I first started reading the manga when I was like fourteen and re-read it last week and couldn’t enjoy it at all.

The gag is that it’s a reverse harem where the main girl wants none of the hetero life and instead wants the boys to be banging each other rather be banging her. The other gag is that her favourite anime character died and she fell into a depression and lost a lot of weight which means boys start to notice her. Is this problematic? it is. Nobody cares. The last gag is that the writer, Junko, is arguably the most famous yaoi mangaka at the moment or, like, when I was fourteen. Which was three years ago.

I have no hope but I couldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t include this one.


Yuri on Ice


At last a show I can safely (she said, having hyped up Orange and it ended up being a bootleg reverse Anohana) will be good. Cardi B kind of lit. Everything the kids say nowadays.

To be fair anything related to MAPPA gets my blood pumping if I can be very dramatic with you, at this point they could release I Fuck Little Sisters season six and I’d still call them animation kings.

Either way, in the better animated vain of Days, Yuri on Ice is a (semi?) sports anime with two boys named Yuri, has the most fluid preview I’ve seen in a long time and the most badass female in the anime industry, Sayo Yamamoto, is the creator and director of it. In case you’re unfamiliar, she wears shades and directed Michiko to Hatchin and a bunch of Samurai Champloo episodes, along with a bunch of other classics on her impressive resume. But fuck that right? we’re here for the gay yuri.


Gakuen Handsome

It’s okay.41



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