Seven Anime You Should Watch In Spring 2017.

attack on titan

Shingeki no Boku wa Hero Academia’s second season is the only thing you’ll really care about, anyway.

Yuri on Ice has barely ended and we’re already about to get hit by another fujoshi tsunami – except that this one’s more of a wave.

Personally, I’m not super hyped about the second season mainly because half the reason I enjoyed the first one as much as I did was because I had recently gotten into seasonal anime. I think I was fifteen and, if I remember correctly, it came out around Spring too.

What worries me the most is that the manga of Attack on Titan hasn’t even ended yet and that means that we’re still going to get more of this. This only bad news, because a show as popular as this should know when to quit and end it on a high note. I’m sure it’ll loose more than half the followers it had when it came out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the talk of the anime town when it airs.

Attack on Titan simply doesn’t have the ingredients to make it a long running shonen in the vein of Naruto and all the other Jump babies. If those are sweet than this one is spice, and unfortunately neither the seasonal watchers are going to want more than three seasons of this, and the Naruto crowd won’t be able to normalize this in the mainstream in the same way the other long running shonen have been.

Regardless, I can’t make a Spring post without mentioning Attack on Titan.

Speaking of blasts of the pasts, does anyone remember Oreimo, or My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute, or Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai for you hardasses out there? I unfortunately do. In case there are any youngins reading this who’s definition of a waifu war is Re:Zero: Imagine that times twenty, plus incest, substracting the twins and multiplying it with relatable social awkwardness.

Ero Manga Sensei, a story about a shut-in tsundere little sister who draws porn for a living is, naturally, by the same author as Oreimo. The twist here is that the older brother is the author behind the porn but neither of the siblings knows each others secret.

I sincerely hope this gets as big as Oreimo was at the time and knocks Shingeki no more Hype out of its throne as the most talked about show of the season, just to show us all what the community’s priorities are.

While I was doing my seasonal rundown on Anichart, I felt a little bit of nostalgia tug on my heartstrings and I couldn’t quite understand why.

I mean, it might be just because it’s Spring which is a season that I will always associate with happiness and warmth, but it might also be because most shows I look forward to are somehow related to shows from the past.

Kiss Note is about a notebook that makes people kiss each other and fall in love with one another. This kiss note was dropped by an angel that eats pears, and yes the idea of a Death Note kissing parody is probably the funniest this show will get, because it’ll probably be mediocre at best.

Not to mention, the promotional art and the art from the official poster look completely different.

For every anime in which the CGI looks mildly bearable Miyazaki loses one strand of hair.

There is no reason you should watch this, but I just wanted to point this out. Anime synopsis make it a competition to see which one can be the most unnecessarily complicated, but I think Seikaisuru Kado has snatched the award for the rest of the year with the catching summary going like this:

“Kojiro Shindo. Cabinet Office Director-General for Policy Planning, is at Haneda Airport for a business trip. While the plane is on the runway, a giant structure suddenly appears out of thin air. The plane carrying Shindo and 251 passengers is taken undamaged inside the giant structure. After everyone disembarks, a man who looks like an ordinary human being shows up. He assures those from the plane that they’re not in any danger. Shindo asks him to identify himself and explain the situation. Then the outside of the structure is displayed on a large screen, and at the same time, every passenger’s cell phone starts ringing all at once. On each cell phone screen is a message from this man, to every one of Japan’s citizens: “I, Yaha-kui zaShunina, hereby notify you that I am going to intervene in Japan’s internal affairs.

What is this young man’s goal? And will Shindo manage to become an intermediary between Japan and the Anisotorons…?”


Only read one sentence and dipped out? I can’t blame you. Don’t watch this.

I’m a simple woman who doesn’t ask for much and will watch Fukumenkei Noise from start to finish just because it reminds me of every shoujo I watched in my early anime days and caters to my facemask kpop fetish.

The audience for this show knows that they’re going to watch this, and if you’re on the fence of whether you should give it a chance or not – don’t. It’s nothing to write home about, it doesn’t have anything special about it apart from its retro artstyle.

On that note, I should start reading better manga, because it seems like everytime I pick one up it gets announced to get an adaption six months later.

Anyways, remember when Brains Base made things like Durarara instead of picking shoujo titles out of a hat? That was fun.

Speaking of new anime that cater to my fetishes, meet Baldy McBaldy Man as he embarks on a hot, steamy romance with Big Tittie McGee for five whole minutes per week in Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni.

I jumped in my seat when I saw this at first because it looked different and exciting – unfortunately I discovered that it’s going to be a short and at that moment I gew from a girl to a woman learning about life and false hope.

Again, like literally every other shitty anime on this list there’s no real reason you should watch this because it’s probably going to be bad.

This season is bad. There’s nothing fresh about it, and the only shows that aren’t sad slice of life anime that have been done before are sequels like Boku no Shingeki Hero. I’m going to delete this blog.


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