Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 1 – The Moe Murderers Are Back.


And I´ve never been less excited.

WIXOSS isn´t offensively bad, it´s just really stupid.

Y´know, first episodes are supposed to set the bar, to make the viewer anticipate all that is to come, but WIXOSS was just boring. And dull. Boring and dull. We´re presented with basically nothing as Ruuko and her probably lesbian friend Hitoe strut around in some damn Winter day while Ruuko reminisces and almost cries big, moeblob tears as she stares at a white scrunchie. First of all, scrunchie is a really stupid word.

The second half of the episode is dedicated to this ex-cutesy-but-now-annoying Chiyori who´s some happy go lucky gal that just screams for an entire episode. I wouldn´t put it past Okada to give her some tragic backstory. Her parents probably abandoned her. Maybe she was homeless and some talking moe card was her comfort. Probably.

So yes, we´ve spent 24 minutes in watching the tomodachiis walk and try to convince this cosplaying brat that ´figthing is badduuuu´ and some shit about how you don´t really need some dumb card game to make your dreams come true. Except that we, the viewers, knew that already. Maybe Mari Okada thinks this is well-written character development.

That, or she thinks her audience is just really stupid.

Then again, WIXOSS did have the decency of reminded us what happened in the last episode of the first cour, and although the last five minutes of this episode were as edgy as ever, WIXOSS feels like a broken record. I´m just gonna hope that edgy moe anime isn´t gonna become a thing anytime soon.

Yes, this post is short, but that´s just because WIXOSS failed to be interesting. At least in the first cour, it was funny to laugh at it, now it has gotten stuck with itself, and it´s just stupid.

Conclusion: Mari Okada should find another job.



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Selector Spread WIXOSS Episode 1 - The Moe Murderers Are Back. , 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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