Sekkou Boys Episode 1 Thoughts; Hard to Watch.


After a lot of sarcastic hype and the obligatory “AOTY” jokes, the “anime most prone to puns” award of the season goes to Sekko Boys. A show about guys that are very hard, an art school dropout who hates sculptures and a very solid premise, introducing the cast them as men with “firm morals.” Get it. Because they´re stone scultpures and sculptures are firm. Ha ha. Comedy.

Honestly speaking though, it´s probably not nearly as weird as you´d think it is. I mean, it´s definitely weird. Of course liveaction sculpture cutouts are weird and we sure as hell don´t see Mars as the typical brooding animu senpai everyday of the week It´s just not as weird as it definitely could have been. For another part, though, our heroine is pretty great; she´s not weakwilled and has a personality that´s probably as relatable as it needs to be for anyone who has gone through or is going to art school, or for anyone who has any artistic hobbies at all.

Frankly, I thought her history with art school and how much she just really hates sculptures was funnier than the actual gimmick of rockhard, sexy stonefaced men. Those men probably triggering every exart or humanities student ever; or at least I, as a humanities student who chose art history, Latin, Greek and Spanish history over…maths and chemistry or something, wanted to die a bit when Medici, a guy I had to write an essay about some weeks ago, introduced himself as the kawaii uguu “original rich and famous” idol group member, with the voice of one of the gays from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. This is why people hate anime.

So despite this show just shitting all over history and Hermes introducing himself as the “fairskinned Renaissance man”, Sekkou Boys seems like it won´t just rely on being stupid. I mean it´s gonna be stupid, but not chaotic stupid. More like neutral stupid. Which I actually prefer.

I´ll keep watching it, I should drop a pendrive with all of the episode in my humanity teachers bags when I graduate. And I just totally fucked myself over realizing that I graduate highschool when this season ends. I´m gonna have to lay down and wellup in my bubble of existential crisis and selfpity now. Goodbye.


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