Seiren Episode 1 – Can You Spell Visual Novel?


Twenty four minutes have passed and I’m still not sure what I watched or why we jumped to to the summer getaway episode right off the bat.

Only a handful of anime have left me feeling as weird as Seiren has left me feeling. I mean – it looks, sounds and feels like a harem anime, right? It’s not though, not explicitly at least, and neither is it as juvenile as a harem anime would be. It has visual novel written all over it – and yet, funnily enough, it’s an original project.

It’s a little bit perverted, it’s a little bit realistic and it’s executed in a way I don’t usually see anime doing.

What I mean is, the girls aren’t archetypes per sé. They’re mean, but not comically mean like the ones in this season’s Masamune-kun no Revenge are. When they ask if the protagonist is gay, it’s not used to make a funny slapstick joke with it. MC-kun has a crush on the unattainable classmate, but the show is not exaggerated about this.

I think that, looking at it this way, Seiren is taken with a tranquility that I am not used to. Especially in seasonal anime.

This should be a good thing, but in this case I’m not sure if it is. It’s odd. Like it’s trying to have dignity and not fall into ecchi harem tropes, but instead falls flat into the realm of feeling extremely fabricated.

I should have related to our protagonist, and I should have been able to sit back and relax while watching this show which could have been a nice break from the mold, but instead I got stressed out by how (ironically) unnatural it felt.

Yeah, you don’t come here for any serious analysis, do you? but you see, I was so stressed out that I couldn’t even come up with witty jokes about the episode. Honestly I hope our main girl dies in the middle of the show or something – that’d be a fun plot twist.

I appreciate your concept on paper, Seiren. But it’s a no for me. I’ll give it another two episodes and then I’m out. Go watch Amagami or something. Better yet, go play a visual novel. This is basically a let’s play, anyway.


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