Sakamoto Desu Ga? Gets Anime Adaptation.

Me after reading the news.

It seems Shingeki no Kyojin might have some competition with swiping the AOTY title as, to the surprise of exactly no one who has read it, the amazing Sakamoto Desu Ga? manga is set to get adapted into a TV anime up and ready for the Spring season further details such as studio, voice cast and director has yet to be announced.

Anyways, I called it. I fucking called it. Over a whole entire year ago. The manga is mad, and I mean mad successful over in Japan, and having read the first volume myself, the manga is really just sitting on its knees begging to get adapted into an anime it has everything going for it, and I´ll stand my ground and make another prediction saying this will be a smashhit, like, a total smashout hit, because Sakamoto Desu Ga is hopelessly simple, but remarkably fun, and judging by the success of One Punch Man, this might just be the recipe for success.

In a manga recommendation post I wrote about fifty thousand years ago, I said the following  Y’see, Sakamoto would work wonderfully for a 12-minute week to week anime, you laugh for a while, forget it and, a week later, you´ll laugh again. Rinse. Repeat. AOTS. Because from the volume I´ve read, it´s always most of the same, but that´s okay because this is Sakamoto Desu Ga and the entire circus relies on Sakamoto, who is just one awesome motherfucker, who might or might not be the son of Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji, minus a little boy to play grabbyhands with and probably a lot less focused on fujoshi (though there will probably be a hundred thousand fanarts of Sakamoto and himself on the internet after the first episode.)

I´d compare it to Prison School. Or even One Punch Man. I couldn´t tell you why, it might just be the ambient, the type of comedy and how they aren´t things we tend to see in our Chinese cartoons. Right. Having said that, I´m the first to jump on the hype train, and will secretly pray Madhouse is going to adapt it so they can redeem themselves from the tragedy that is Prince of Stride. You guys are absolutely mad telling me it´s good.


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