Sailor Moon Reboot… Bi-Weekly & 26 Episodes?


I’ve noticed the outrageous lack of Sailor Moon on my blog, this and the fact that we’ve getting alot of information on the upcoming (and amazingly delayed) reboot that’s actually following the manga obligated me to make a post andor rant over the news.

First of all, I commend Toei for being able to milk out a show that met it’s peak way back in the 90’s, I’m sure that they know that Sailor Moon won’t relive it’s glory anymore and this reboot’s sole purpose is for people like you and I to get a nostalgia shot and for the big guys to get bigger wallets.

Hey, this isn’t a bad thing. I’m actually pretty stoked and the character designs look very pretty in comparison to their 1992 counterparts.

As for the 26 episode thing, well, the manga has 18 volumes of tears, magic and romance so I think it’s a given that they will only adapt the first arc or two.

Now, the thing I am more than a little annoyed by is the fact that it’s going to be bi-weekly or whatever. I mean, this show isn’t even airing on TV is it?

Cementing my previous statement, I wonder what Toei is trying to do, are they really confident enough to stretch out one season to an entire year? It’s definitely money-saving, and if there’s one franchise that’s able to pull it off it’s this one.

Furthermore, this delayed reboot is either going to be the best thing ever with spectacular animation and jaw-dropping excecution (They have zero reason to mess up as the manga is finished) or an equally spectacular money-saving cocky flop that’s too confident over it’s previous fame it’s going to trip over it.

Let the cow walk the walk or beat it down, I guess. For now, I’ll stay optimistic.



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