Rigtheous Three-Episode-Rule Of Doom; Fall 2013 “first impressions”. Diabolik Lovers.

ImageThis review is founded on lies, for Diabolik Lovers is going on it’s seventh episode as of today; Seven weeks of offensive bishonen vampires, who made it their duty to seduce (and succeed) the masochists and roundhouse kick everyone else into an unsure void of “What the fuck are you watching this what is wrong with you don’t you have any self respect–” yawn yawn yawn.



ImageOriginally an otome game, studio ZEXCS (a branch from well-known studio Production I.G) thought it was a fantastic idea to adapt this, “this” that is basically Brothers Conflict (and every other reverse harem ever) gone wrong.

So, so wrong.

Allowing myself to elaborate; I thought this anime was hilarious. No, really, hilarious.

Then, around episode five, this is turning into one of the most disturbing and hurtful anime I’ve had the chance to experience.

Our big eyed cutie main character Komori Yui, – she has a fair share of potential actually, if you put in her in any other romance, she’d be great. – Gets sent to live in a house (By her father’s request) with no less than six sexy boys, that, gasp, are actually vampires!
 And not just that! Sadist vampires with mommy issues nonetheless!

Tragedy insues, or atleast, that’s what SHOULD be happening.

Dialovers has insane potential, and by “Insane potential” I mean it could be utterly destroying the entire reverse harem genre and character stereotype if it wanted to. Heck, if you don’t feel just a little bad for Yui as time passes, I’m seriously judging you. But sadly and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to go there, all I really want is a School Day-esque ending, wouldn’t that be great?

ImageThe characters are crafted in a way to seduce you, the viewer, except that, seeing that this is following standart otome setup, I can hardly tell the difference between the boys. Sure, sure, sure, they’re brothers, but come on.

Do I think this is a bad serie?

Hell, It’s different, and it’s argueably the darkest serie of this season. We still have 6 episodes left, so it  can still pull a 360 and become the School Days number two.

Now, is it worth to indulge one self in it? That really is up to you, and just how much you can take. To put things in perspective, I just felt horrible after episode 6, like, seriously horrible, unlike the animation, like, woah, the animation is great.



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