Reviews Subjectively-Objective Reviews #39: Kuroko no Basket.


After three long years of boys playing with balls whilst carefully colouring their hair season after season, the most unrealistic sports anime to ever grace the screen comes to an end – couting three seasons and 75 episodes, Kuroko no Basket tips itself off in a finale that has left me very, very salty – will the first two and half seasons make up for it?


The Teiko Middle School basketball team, also known as the generation of miracles, is a living legend in the basketball scene – after winning all three seasons, the team is split up and vow to face eachother in highschool to decide for once and for all who is the best player. Enter Kagami Taiga, who just returned from America after playing street basketball and meets Tetsuya Kuroko – a phantom Teiko player who´s actually really bad at playing, but extraordinary at passing. After some incidents, Kuroko decide to become Kagami´s shadow in a whole new team of basketball.

Kuroko no Basket has an infamous reputation for being absolutely ridiculous – nothing in this statement is exagerrated, because this anime plays more with the laws of common physics than basketball, and could very well be renamed as “Naruto´s basketball“, because that´s just how shonen-y everything is.

Tied into that, I don´t think a hardcore basketball fanatic will find what he or she wants in Kuroko no Basket, because Kuroko no Basket is a fun, exciting show that makes time fly.

Or at least, this is what I felt with the first two seasons – the unrealistic power-ups were kept to a minninum (but were still there to give it some spunk) and the excitement relied on the character motivation and how tense everything was, I loved the first two seasons.

However, as the season progressed, I felt like it got more and more shonen-y – this is not necessarily a bad thing, but the forced drama, nakama BS talk and the last-minute saves got old fast.

Kuroko no Basket is definitely cliché in that sense, but if you´re willing to overlook the eye-rollingly predictable moments (Which really don´t get annoying until the final season) and enjoy the great animation, the hype, the feels and the bonus bromance, Kuroko no Basket is definitely a good watch for anyone new or old to the sports genre – it´s fun.

As a final complaint (kind of) I think one more season where all the boys walk different paths would´ve been more fullfilling, and would´ve given it another layer of coming of age and coming to terms with your passion and future – it would´ve made it a little more mature, and a little less “DREAMS DO COME TRUE!!! BELIEVE IT!!!” if y´know what I mean.

Final Verdict: Solid 8. Even with its 75 episode run I feel like it could´ve added plenty of things – like drama, character development and a better resolution, but it was good and exciting for what it was, I think most people will enjoy this to some extent. So long, Kuroko, it´s been fun.


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Reviews Subjectively-Objective Reviews #39: Kuroko no Basket., 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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