Quantity Over Quality In Anime.

bokusatsu_tenshi_dokuro-chan-7881_largeWhat made you fall in love with the medium? For me, apart from the wacky things we all know anime has, the diversity is what kept me engaged.

There is an anime for literally everyone; Host clubs, notebooks of death, ninjas, basketball, romances, incest, yaois and yuris; You known ’em.

I stand by my point when I say that quantity is superior to quality when it comes to anime; I mean, making fun of the Mars of Destructions and Dokuro-chans, having long debates about wheter or not Sword Art Online and Shingeki deserve their hype; Complaining about the Pupa adaptation and discussing the Gorilla episode of Samurai Flamenco makes half the fun of being an anime fan.

And staying on topic; I really don’t think that anime has gotten neccesarily worse over the past years; Maybe a little less experimental and such, but I believe that, this way, we appreciate these types of shows better when put in a season where there are four shows about NEETs and five about onee-sans.

I haven’t exactly been the longest anime fan around; But I’ll tell you right now that I will never cease to be surprised over the damn variety in a community so niche; And I sincerly believe that if you take away that varietyquantity, there will be alot less people making blogs like these, ’cause it will all just be generally-liked shows, and sooner or later, even those will loose their golden edge.

I like my anime the way they are right now, and I always find plenty of shows I really really like per season, while simuntaneously there are others I can’t wrap my mind around meanwhile, with others, I get hyped and anticipate it’s premiere; It’s just fine like that.



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