Psycho-Pass Producer Expresses Interest In Third Season.


The only good thing of the entire show.

“I am thinking that I’d like to do a future installment.” says Akitoshi Mori on the Dengeki Online website, producer of the Psycho Pass franchise, which has already spawned two seasons, a movie, manga and various videogames to which all former PP fans screech out “no more, please!” while giving the side-eye to Tow Ubukata, the alledged script writer responsible for the disastrous second season.

I don´t think I´m being dramatic, either, because never before have I seen a show that was so collectively disliked by a mass of people – and to be honest, I´m part of the mass, because when comparing Psycho Pass season 1 to Psycho Pass season 2 is like comparing Death Note to Sword Art Online, honestly, was it really that hard to keep the same people on board?

One way or another, they could pull a Kuroshitsuji and pretend the second season never happened, or actually produce a third season and give the script to Mari Okada, who is about the only person in all of Japan who hasn´t had a say in Psycho Pass. Whatever it is, the film has gotten an overwhelmingly positive response, so it really just depends on who works on it. Hey, despite the metaphorical kick in the shin I got from the show, I got a lot of laughs out the second season and great enjoyement from the first, so I´m game either way.


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Psycho-Pass Producer Expresses Interest In Third Season., 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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