Psycho Pass Movie, Second Season & Project re;START.


Yeah, so this is a thing.

I can safely say that Psycho-Pass is one of the best andor most enjoyable shows I’ve seen in the past few years. Yeah, I’m an Urobuchi person even if Madoka Magica was 3edgy6me.

It’s only understandable for me to be excited for a second season, and, on top of that, a movie which is slated for Winter, Hell, maybe it will pull the ancient anime trick of; Recap, the movie. But still.

Now let’s talk about the preview and the key visual (where Akane is not Little Miss Stoner for once and actually looks 300% ready to kick some ass) Personally, I’m wondering what re;START means.

Will it go back to the first episode and go in a different direction? Will it continue right where it left off or do something completely different?

There isn’t alot of information released and this only peaks my interest, but knowing that Gen Urobuchi is again directing it helps me keep faith that yes, this will be just as weird and unconventional and sexy as the first season. Oh, I’m so ready for October.



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