Psycho-Pass 2 Episode 6 Thoughts – Heavy Handed.


While at all times entertaining and sometimes interesting, I feel that Psycho Pass 2 doesn´t have what made it´s predeccesor so good.

– We pick up the episode right where we left off, innocent civilans are unknowingly commiting unintentional mass murder via an innocent looking videogame app. The idea behind this is obvious. What will the aftermath look like? The civilians can´t possibly be held responsible – if anything, they´re victims just like the murdered people on the other side. What about the Sybil system? Will this finally put a stain on the blind faith that the population has on something they essentially know nothing about?

Somehow I doubt it, because even the officers themselves, with nothing but a hand full of exceptions aren´t doubting the Sybil System yet. Rather, the blame will fall on them, the police. The blame might not even be justified, but it´s the only thing left that the population can kind of understand and, therefore, is easier to pin the blame on.

What colour are the innocent civilans? Personally, I think it was quite irresponsible for them to take down the Holo and switch the video game interface with footage of what was actually happening and who the players (some highschoolers, some children, some adults) were murdering. Mika said it and for once, I agree with the most the most black-and-white character of the entire series: What will you do when the stress level rises? Common sense should tell you that these people are not at fault and should not be held accountable but, so weren´t the people from episode 4, right? Will the same thing happen again, or will a change finally happen?

Sure, they couldn´t just leave the Drones alone as the number of deaths would only rise but knowing how the rules of this world work, wouldn´t people be dying anyway, one way or another?

Later in the episode, the faults of this sequel get even more obvious, I feel that Psycho Pass 2 is being a little too anime in it´s execution. Most characters are so ridiculously heavy handed to the point that the show loses the charm that made Psycho-Pass 1 so irresistible: The grey.

Portraying the grey spectrum in fiction isn´t always easy, while the first season wasn´t king of sublety, the 24-episode format helped it stretch out the thicker parts of the story and gave itself the time to develop characters and the relationship between said characters. Here, they just feel like props to compliment Akane and Kamui, whereheas in season 1, the characters stood for themselves.

All Ginoza has done is worry about her Hue, all Mika has done is talk smack about her, and all Tougane has done is obssess over her. With the exception of this last one, the characters could be summarized in one single phrase: What are you doing, Akane?

I´m not saying Akane is a Mary Sue per sé, but I feel that the sequel is not giving her enough credit. In this episode, we see her wanting to do everything by herself, surely, this could have been done differently. Season 1 made me believe that Akane is a smart character, the new writer of this season, however, is portraying her as some sort of Jesus-chan, not to the extent that it´s annoying but, hey, it´s getting there.

I love Psycho Pass, I really do, and while I am enjoying this season, I do feel that it´s slowly becoming ´The Akane Show´ rather than the morally ambiguous cop show with pretty colours and cool scenes that I initially fell in love with. At the end of this episode, we are again teased that Tougane has some sort of relation to Kougami, again, this season has plenty of interesting ideas, but kind of falls flat in it´s execution compared to the first season.

On another note, I don´t like Kamui as a villain. He feels cheap, rushed and in the end, I just really don´t care about him.


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