Production I.G Acquires FLCL Rights From Gainax, Possible Remake To Be Made.


Wheter we´re fucked or blessed is yet to see, all I know is that I had to re-read the paragraph five times before staring at the ceiling for a good two minutes just asking myself why.

The studio announced this on Friday, stating that they got the full rights to the anime from Gainax, Studio I.G co-produced the iconic show back in 2000. The studio also said they´ll take full advantage of the rights for a new anime remake.

I don´t think they´ve explicitly stated that a remake is actually happening, but it looks pretty damn certain that that´s what they want to do – meanwhile, the internet exploded from one second to the other with confused feelings and mass questionmarks, most wondering why you´d touch something like FLCL and others just wanting to die on the spot.

Personally, if they pull through and this actually happens, I´d be confused, because out of all the announcements in the world I thought might happen I sure as shit wasn´t expecting a FLCL remake to be one of them – I´m with the former group of people to be honest, Fooly Cooly is timeless, it´s a piece done at the right time with the right people at the right moment, resulting in a mix of music, animation and storytelling that´s damn near impossible to recreate.

So I´m skeptical. On the other hand it is the studio that helped create it, and if their goal is to introduce the newer anime fans to FLCL then, well, I still don´t get it.

It´d be pretty depressing if it falls flat on its face, but with them also rebooting The Legend Of The Galactic Heroes I gotta assume they know what they´re doing. Maybe they´ll give it the EVA Rebuild treatment or maybe they´ll pull a Toei and just go for the quick buck. Who knows, who knows, it´s a crazy anime world.


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Production I.G Acquires FLCL Rights From Gainax, Possible Remake To Be Made., 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 ratings
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