Police Investigate Middle School Boy Over Death Note Hit List.


Student in question has also brought a BB gun to school two years ago at the  Grisword Middle School in Connecticut, U.S.A – I think we should ask ourselves why a kid who brought a gun to school was allowed an unsupervised internet connection, but hey, it´s obviously the cartoons fault, definitely not the normalization of having both a child and a gun at home.

The Death Note booklet, dubbed as a “hit list” contained six names of students at the school – for now, the administrators have informed the parents that the student in question will be out of school for the rest of the school year, which ends this week.

This is definitely not the first Death Note related incident, as in 2013 the suicide of a fifteen year old girl caused an uproar in Russia, which aimed to regulate all media based on the series and the many copy-cat crimes it has inspired, most notably the “Mangamoord” instance in Belgium, where four people were arrested for a murder in which the phrase “I am Kira” was found near the corpse, aswell as dozens of suspensions around the world related to the manga.

One way or another, it goes without saying that rather than a catalyst, any kind of fiction is more of a trigger for these incidents, and should be handled as such, rather than blaming videogames or anime just because you refuse to see that your child has some issues that need to be helped. In other news, my school had a ton of kids walking around with Death Notes and writing names down left and right and hey, no one has died yet.


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